Filreis photo album, 2003 (volume 5)

visiting Aunt Nancy in Florida, March 2003

posing with parrots (Florida, March '03)

our sedar table, April 2003

a poem Ben wrote, April 2003

the two Hannahs play badminton while waiting for the bus, May 5, 2003

Ben makes his dad breakfast on the deck, Father's Day 2003

Hannah's birthday party, June 21 (playing "Geronimo" in the alley after seeing the Phillies vs. the Red Sox)

Will Ferris and Ben on the last day of their two-week stay at Frost Valley, July 2003

Hannukah with Jane and Lorenzo

another night of Hannukah 2003

Listen to an MP3 recording of Hannah playing "Over the Rainbow" on the piano

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