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How to work with a literary agent

How does a book make it from the author's hand to your bookshelf? And what role does an agent play in this? Beth Kephart leads a panel of writers and agents at the Kelly Writers House to dig into the business of publishing and marketing a book. For more info about the event, and full a recording of the program in its entirety, click here.

Camara Brown!

People associated with ModPo in the last few years will know Camara Brown as a TA and participant in a number of ModPo videos. We at KWH & ModPo are proud of her for being featured in this article: Proud and excited for my student, advisee, KWH staff colleague Camara Brown, who is featured in this article: http://www.34st.com/article/2017/04/penn-10-camara-brown Check it out: there are a few videos of Camara performing her poetry.


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