Head Citations (The Figures, 2002)
Kenneth Goldsmith

1. This is the dawning of the age of malaria.

2. Another one fights the dust.

3. Eyeing little girls with padded pants.

4. Teenage spacemen we're all spacemen.

5. A gay pair of guys put up a parking lot.

5.1. It tastes very nice, food of the parking lot.

6. One thing I can tell you is you got to eat cheese.

7. She was a gay stripper.

8. Fly like a negro to the sea.

9. Hey you, get off of my cow.

10. All we are saying is kids need a dad.

10.1. All we are saying, give hippies a chance.

10.2. All we are saying is good piece of cheese.

10.3. Oh, we are sailing, yes, give Jesus pants.

11. She's giving me head citations.

12. I've got an eye on Kendra, I'd love to take her for a ride, mama don't take my motor home away, mama don't take my cordless phone away.

13. Michelle, my bell, Sunday monkeys say the end is done, the end is done.

13.1. Michelle, my bell, Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday day, Wednesday day.

13.2. Michelle, ma belle, some say monkeys play piano well, piano well.

14. Stop in the name of the law, before you take my lawn, use my mower.

15. The Pope don't work cause the vandals took the candles.

16. Ashes to ashes, funk to fungi.

17. I fight with Dorothy, and Dorothy always wins.

18. Let me drown in your bathtub, let me dry in your arms.

19. The night is young, why are we so hung up in each other's cheese.

20. Take me to the egg roll farm in Cuba.

21. Your love is like bad venison.

22. Something is happening but you don't know what it is, did you miss the joke.

23. Come on body let's go potty.

24. No one knows what it's like to be the fat man.

25. The best love songs are written with a broken arm.

26. Grandma thinks I've come to take you home.

27. Doughnuts make my brown eyes blue.

28. Lays my chicken when I speak.

29. I'll get up and fry an egg.

30. Gimme the Beach Boys and free my soul.

31. Lice crystal lice crystal, I want to buy my lice trickle.

32. Fake bunions roam around the world.

33. A world of nouns.

34. A filleted woman ain't got no soul.

34.1. A Beatle age woman ain't got no soul.

34.2. A bean-legged woman ain't got no soul.

35. Who's gonna shave me.

36. You can drain my liver in an old fruit jar.

36.1. Don't step on my Bruce Wayne shoes.

37. She wore blue, Melvin.

38. Your trout is on fire.

39. Corn free, as free as the wind blows.

40. Waking up is hard to do.

41. Found an island in your arms, poultry in your eyes.

42. Bake sale bake sale.

43. Everyone needs a push and pull hero.

44. A spider, a ray-gun, a seagull, a rat in a cage.

45. Well, I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray.

46. You lead your life like a canary in a coma.

46.1. Larry in a coma.

47. Kent Bobby Love.

48. I can't, I can't, I can't stand music.

49. King Tut says.

49.1. Kentucky.

49.2. King justice.

50. It's enough to make cheese and crackers on.

51. Carob Bean Queen.

51.1. Caribou Queen.

52. Chain chain chain, chain chain chain, chain of food.

53. Cheeseburger and a pair of thighs.

54. Take your teeth out, tell me what is wrong.

55. Cold potatoes of the mighty, mighty tater.

56. Come, tossed salad, lots of beats, as I want you to be.

57. We got funky fingers.

58. I've become comfortably dumb.

59. She's a jelly bowl dessert.

60. Let me tell you 'bout my bedspread.

61. I know that pizza goes with broccoli, but I'm eating lots of snails off a window pane.

62. She was a State Trooper.

63. Dennis and Trevor hold hands together.

64. Debbie with a glue dress gun.

64.1. Devil with the blue glass arm.

64.2. Devil with the bluegrass song.

65. Kibbles 'n' Bits in my soup

66. Don't feel the reefer.

66.1. Don't spare the reefer.

67. Don't let your son go down on me.

68. Well I'd like to know where, you got the nose from.

69. No roast beef, I've made that mistake before.

70. Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul.

71. Ducks in the wind, all we are is ducks in the wind.

72. I was a chairlift before we met.

73. Do the laundry later.

73.1. Use your calculator.

74. My heart is sick of being in jeans.

75. Since you put me down, I've got owls spinning in my head.

76. Little blue scoop.

77. And she'll have fun fun fun 'til her daddy takes the teabag away.

78. Come together, right now, wolverine.

79. Remember sweet lettuce under your skin.

80. She's not sure if you're bored or a girl.

81. Knee-deep in donuts.

82. The girl with colitis goes by.

83. Take the back right road.

84. She's got a chicken garage.

85. Will you still feed me when I'm six-feet-four.

86. Hit me with your pet shark.

87. I left the wok on.

88. Hey little thing, let me light your chemicals, 'cause mama I'm sure hard to henna now, mess around.

89. Treating people like pork and chips.

90. You know I'd like to keep my teenage tragedy.

91. Ground control to Mao Tse-Tung.

92. Become-a come-a come-a come-a come-a comedian.

93. Baby, I'm a washroom.

94. Blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop-tart.

95. Trotsky wants my wife.

95.1. Trust you to wash my legs.

96. Baboon heart again.

97. I am mental, Allah drags me down.

98. Beans, beans, franks and beans.

99. Now I see what short guys do.

100. I got no job, but I'm an opera fan.

101. Make a salad in the restaurant in my arms.

102. I'm an educated fool with my knee on my mind.

103. You don't need a pinhead, just to hang around.

104. Have you ever seen Lorraine.

105. Arboretum, can you help me place this call.

106. Love the wonder witch.

107. I'll light the fire, while you place the bodies in the car that we bought today.

108. We are starving, we are frozen, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

109. I've got the best Glade plug-ins south of American.

110. God and Sara Lee are watching.

111. Almond pieces, bits and pieces.

112. You bring salad, and I'll bring soup.

113. You fill up my census like a sleep in the washer.

114. It's a log like life.

115. Promised me he'd send the schnauzers, as long as I remembered who's wearing the trousers.

116. Selsun Blue.

117. The hotdogs go on and on.

118. I'll butter my ears and try and catch the wind.

119. Jesus is just a rat with beads.

120. Our love become a few rows higher.

121. Writers on the phone.

122. Another boardwalk.

123. I missed the jamboree, man.

124. Life in the Bat Plane.

125. I'm not talkin' 'bout the linen.

125.1. I'm not talkin' 'bout Bolivia.

125.2. I'm not talkin' 'bout the litigants.

125.3. I'm not talkin' 'bout John Lennon.

125.4. I'm not talkin' 'bout millennium.

125.5. I'm not talkin' 'bout religion.

125.6. I'm not talkin' 'bout a lemon.

125.7. I'm not talkin' 'bout oblivion.

125.8. I'm not talkin' 'bout bulimia.

126. Stuffing my face with his fingers.

126.1. Killing me softly with his saw.

127. When the rainbow shaves you clean, you'll know.

128. Thump her oily hairpins when it's raining.

129. I'm a 30-watt bulb.

130. Hat games.

131. The ants are my friends.

132. Super salad bar.

133. Eisenhower's face.

134. Andy Kaufman take my hand.

135. In the garden of Eden, baby.

135.1. In my gaudy Adidas, baby.

135.2. I'm the god of Velveeta, baby.

136. Flea spray.

137. Cheese train.

138. Her heavy head turned to ice cream, being the one.

139. No mustache could bend any clipper.

140. Now is the time for you and I to cut our throats together.

141. Got clanging in my ears tonight Big Ben.

142. With apologies from America.

143. Sing us a song yellow piano man.

144. And they got an apartment with Deepak Chopra.

145. Gretchen's in Afghanistan.

146. Children of the little mind.

147. I told you thirty jokes until you smiled.

148. Officer window wonderful.

149. She got electric moves, a mole hair suit, a ratty little packy thing.

149.1. She's got electric boots, a motor scoot, y'know I heard it from a hag in Za-ire, oh, oh.

149.2. You know I heard it from a Pakistani.

150. Like a Ken doll in the wind.

151. Susie went and left me for some four-inch guy.

152. You're a star in the Passover sky.

153. Burning all the shoes off Avalon.

154. Saturday night's all right for fighting, even in election year.

155. Hold me closer, Tony Danza.

155.1. Count the head lice on the highway.

155.2. Lay me down in cheese and Lenin.

156. Goodbye, yellow brick road, with the darkened sorority house.

156.1. You can't help meeting your pen pal.

156.2. Back to the Hollywood Malibu woods, hunting the heart of that town.

156.3. Back to my Hobbit hole out in the woods.

157. Well it took you a couple of back-year endowments.

158. She's the kind I like to bomp and take to dinner.

159. Take another little piece of my hot dog, baby.

160. Just a drop of water in an embassy.

161. I love the colorful coarse shoe airs.

162. It's a junkyard dog way.

163. Chicken in a basket's a gas, baby can you dig it.

164. Three cents a word.

165. Rubies in the heart.

165.1. Lou is in the hall.

166. That would be ecstasy, you and me and Leslie.

166.1. You and me and LSD.

167. One ton tomato, I ate a one ton tomato.

167.1. One ton of metal, I need a one ton of metal.

167.2. One time a meadow.

168. Gypsies, Trans-Am thieves.

168.1. Gypsies, plant your beans.

168.2. Chimps and Chimpanzees.

168.3. Ree pee ram pam pee.

169. I eat enough for both of us, both of us and more.

170. Herb broke the salt shaker.

171. For the Lord God most impotent reigneth.

172. Hang on Snoopy, Snoopy hang on.

173. She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard at an airplane.

174. Pretty little thing, like my camel.

175. You've always been an ugly one.

176. Hark the hair-lipped angels sing.

176.1. Hartley hare the angels sing.

176.2. God and sinners wreck a child.

176.3. Goddamn sinners reconciled.

177. Ho ho the missing toe, a hunger you can see.

178. I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain, flowing into a subway train.

179. Get your Russian hedgehog.

180. My mother and my father used to beat me to death.

180.1. My mother and my father used to feed me Kleenex.

181. I have no hair now.

182. For you and for me and the anti-human race.

183. Pretty, little love swan, ten feet long.

184. Harvey, I'm looking for Harvey.

185. Riding high I'm lost in a Jewish lie.

185.1. The cheese in life tastes better.

186. Hot Lasagna.

187. Hey, Wayne, I've got a window pane.

187.1. Hey, Wayne, I've got a new gold brain.

187.2. Hey, Wayne, I've got gooey paint.

187.3. Hey, Wade, I've got a new hotplate.

187.4. Hey, wait, I got a new complaint.

187.5. Hey, wait, my name is Kurt Cobain.

187.6. Hey, wait, I've got a roof to paint.

188. The disco hot rod's on the job for you.

189. He feels me up.

190. You say good-bye, I say hell no.

191. Helplessly hoping her hard-lickin' lover's nearby.

192. Well since she put me down I've got owls puking in my bed.

193. When you get to the bottom you go back to the frog on the slide.

194. Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a mule in motion.

195. Little darling, I feel that acid slowly melting.

196. I imagine she's a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say.

197. If you should go, I will surely die, with shame, with shame.

198. Pedro, where you goin' with that gum in your hand.

199. Remember to pick her up at ten.

199.1. Look where Bo goes to find Columbians.

200. Just like my kid and Gore Vidal.

201. Pie of love.

202. Hit, hit, so hit the pink square.

203. Hit me with your pet shark.

204. Meatball meatball, get that perfect meatball.

205. I'm mountainly shy, you don't have to go bathe.

205.1. They want their money back if you're a lying honeybee.

206. Hope, hope on the range, where the deer and the watermelons play, where bells dong heard, a disgusting word, and the skies are not clouding all day.

207. Hope the city voted for you.

208. Oh, Auntie Loodlevich, Auntie Loodlevich.

209. I've got me samosas to ride on.

210. Hot-blooded, chicken and seed.

210.1. I'm hot blooded, chicken of the sea.

210.2. I'm hot blooded, check me for fleas.

211. Warm smell of the wheat dust, rising up through the air.

211.1. Warm smell of police gas, rising up through the air.

211.2. Warm smell of fajitas, risin' up through the a-a-air.

211.3. There were horses down the corridor.

211.4. And still those horses were calling from far away.

212. Uncle Judy, bless my soul.

213. You ate nothin' but a hound dog.

213.1. You ain't never cut a record and you ain't no friend of mine.

213.2. Well they said you was high classed, but that was last July.

214. Parmesan, parmesan.

214.1. Barbizon, Barbizon.

214.2. Cow bizarre.

215. Then you come to me on a submarine.

216. Should I brush my teeth, or should I entertain.

217. Sometimes love don't feel like a shoe.

218. Which is why the police have an airplane field.

219. I am a rock, I am an olive.

220. Jesus is with me, He is my candy-pen.

221. I can see Shirley now Lorraine has gone.

221.1. I can see Cleveland now Lorraine is gone.

221.2. I can see clearly now my brain is gone.

221.3. I can see all orchestras in my day.

221.4. I can see all icicles in my way.

221.5. I can see all bicycles in my way.

222. Been circumcised, can't explain.

223. I can't bite the ceiling.

224. I can't coconut.

225. Sugar fried honey butts, you know that I love you.

226. Rice, rice gravy.

227. I'd die without chew.

228. And maybe I'm lonely, that's all a pile, a pile of peas.

229. The allergy's a dream.

230. I'm not talkin' 'bout Bolivia.

230.1. I'm not talkin' 'bout the limit.

230.2. I'm not talkin' 'bout millennium.

230.3. I'm not talkin' 'bout the weather.

230.4. I'm not talkin' 'bout nude livin'.

231. I call for pizzas, you won't buy, so I call for pizzas.

232. I feel my head turn to chocolate.

233. If I can't have you, I don't want this ugly baby.

234. 'Cause I've been in love before, and I've found that love is more than just holding hens.

234.1. If I give my heart to you, I must be sure from the berry stalk.

235. I fought the law and, uh, I won.

235.1. Hop off the lawn.

236. My buddies are mean, they're gettin' meat well done.

237. And I guess that's why they call it a loo.

238. I'll call my lawyer.

238.1. I come before ya.

238.2. I'm done before ya.

239. I love a man who's a Buddhist Monk.

240. I love the feel of Lorraine on my face.

241. I love rotten hole.

242. Then I saw her face, now I'm a bleeder.

243. I'm hitting all the people.

244. Ham on rye.

245. Climb every woman.

246. Be quiet, be quiet, be poised and quiet.

247. I'd give you everything I've got for a little piece of pie.

248. I'm still Stanley.

249. Because I'm fat.

250. In the Garden of Eden, baby.

250.1. In a gutter in Sweden, baby.

250.2. In a garage in Toledo, baby.

250.3. I'm the god of Velveeta, baby.

251. At Indian Lake you'll be able to mate the way the Indians do.

252. All my friends call me Bear Claw, Billy Chicken is my papa.

252.1. The village chicken was my papa.

252.2. The fearless chicken was my papa.

253. I need a lover who walks 'round me crazy.

254. Inspirations have I none, just to touch the flaming dog.

255. Makes me wanna holler, throw up on my hands.

256. You're my only raisin.

257. Mrs. Karma's gonna get you.

258. You are in Miami now.

259. Would you lay me.

259.1. Ukulele.

260. She seems to have some fizzy bottle tops, yeah.

260.1. She seems to have an invisible talk show.

260.2. She seemed to have invisible torture.

260.3. She is an invisible top chef.

261. I grovel in your car.

262. Like a free ride on your boy each day.

262.1. An old man sat and he ate, he won the lottery and ate fries the next day.

262.2. It's like 10,000 phones when all you need is a dime.

263. And the way she looked was way beyond a mare.

263.1. And the way she looked was way beyond her hair.

263.2. And the way she looked with gravy on her hair.

263.3. And we held each other's kite.

263.4. I'd rather dance with your mother.

264. Walk home in my hair now, and wondering what dress to wear now.

265. I shot Sherry, but I did not shoot the debt beauty.

265.1. I shot Sherry, but I did not shoot him dead, you see.

265.2. I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the dead beauty.

265.3. I shock a sherry, but I did not shoot the deputy.

265.4. Ice of the cherry.

266. Eyelids in the street.

266.1. I love industry.

267. Let's break out the bulls and have a bong.

268. I surrender to your armpits.

269. Geriatrics, you should see their antics.

270. I blow bubbles when you are not here.

270.1. My wohcovos when you are not near.

270.2. I wear goggles when you are not here.

271. It's a hard egg, nothing but a hard egg.

272. Run Mr. Mashed Potato run.

273. Like Frankenstein I did it my way.

274. Arabian men Hallelujah.

275. Put up with Reg Hughes and dance the blues.

276. Piss off honey, we don't talk anymore.

277. I've been working on the rail hole, all the livelong day.

278. I've got the piece of pie of understanding down in my heart.

279. Back up I might sit on you.

280. And the papers want to know who shot you where.

281. The preacher tortured me and he smiled.

282. Paul Lynde, yes I am Paul Lynde, but she keeps callin' me Flannigan.

283. I'm a Prima Donna.

283.1. I've a green banana.

284. I wanna be a door, you a door me, I a door you.

285. I want a piece of danish.

285.1. I want a piece of date bread.

286. I want a new truck, I want a new truck, one that won't make me sick.

287. Ain't nothing but a big steak.

288. I want to come over to hell with the cast of Friends.

288.1. I wanna come over to help with the concert plans.

289. And when I touch you I feel harpy inside.

289.1. It's such a feeling that my love, I get high, I get high, I get high.

289.2. It's such a feeling that my love, I get hives, I get hives, I get hives.

290. Drinkin' chicken cherry cola.

290.1. Drink like a chicken drinking cola.

291. Love Lipton Tea, love Lipton Tea, when nothing else could help, love Lipton Tea.

292. Don't let your life pass you by, whiffle balls of memory.

292.1. Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night, you gave me everything you had, oh you gave me lice.

293. I'm gonna pack up my toothpaste and shoes, and head for the Gulf Coast plains.

294. Ja-ja-jaded, baby I'm a skating shoe.

295. Everybody in a wholesale frock.

296. Pajamas, I want to wear them with you.

296.1. We're chow mein, and I hope you like chow mein, too.

297. Janie slugged a bum.

297.1. Janie's got some gum.

298. Girl I'm just a hamster for your love.

299. Jeremy's smokin' crack today.

299.1.1. Jeremy's smokin' grass again.

300. Cheese and rice superstar.

301. Jesus is just a rat, oh, yeah.

302. Jesus loves me this I know, for the table told me so.

302.1. Jesus is me this I know.

302.2. Cheeses loves me.

303. Big 'ol Carol Lina, don't carry me to Paraguay.

303.1. Big ol' Jenny delightful.

303.2. Big 'ol Jed and the rhino.

303.3. Big 'ol Aunt Jemimah.

303.4. Big old Jed's pet rhino.

303.5. Big old jet and a rhino.

303.6. Bingo Jed had a light on.

303.7. Bingo, Jed and Lionel.

303.8. Big hotel Atlanta.

303.9. Bingo Jed had a light on.

303.10. Pick Jed out of the lineup.

303.11. Leave that kitchen light on.

303.12. There go Chad and Lionel.

303.13. We go to jail in a line-up.

303.14. We were gonna jam with the light on.

303.15. Think I'll chat at the lighthouse.

303.16. Old Gary he's from Paraguay.

304. Jane, is white.

305. Kitty cat corn and I don't care.

306. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse soap and sleigh.

306.1. Oh what fun it is to ride and one horse broke its leg.

306.2. Making spareribs right.

307. Jive talkin', I'm telling Elijah.

308. Jolly old St. Nicholas, vishoo swashoo sway.

309. We've got five years, suck on my eyes.

310. Jump, Maxwell, jump.

311. If Jumpin' Jack Flash gets the cash cash cash.

311.1. I was raised by the two best men in Hell.

312. You got a drunk driver in your way.

313. I'm just a girl so hey buddy bon appetite.

313.1. Take this cellulite off my thighs.

313.2. You're Buddha bum makes me worry so.

314. You Rice-a-Roni.

315. Become a, come a, come a, comedian.

315.1. Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma comedian.

315.2. Come-a come-a come-a come-a come-a to me Leon.

316. Hold a minute there, I waxed myself.

317. Down by the Rosemary with Cameron, she hands out a bottle of Aveda.

318. I got salami but you can't come in.

319. That's why I'm kicking your face.

319.1. I heard about six foot, not enough.

320. Keep it common law.

321. Killing me softly with insoles.

321.1. Killing me softly with insults.

321.2. Killing me softly with his arms.

321.3. Killing me softly with Islam.

321.4. Killing me softly with ding dongs.

321.5. Kicking me softly with his thongs.

321.6. Filling me hotly with insects.

321.7. Strumming my face with his fingers.

321.8. Somebody stole a finger.

322. Canada Dry, when your baby don't love you, Canada Dry, when you know she's been untrue.

323. The King is a mongoose.

324. But you poke your finger into something that's brown.

325. It's my destiny to be the King of Spain.

326. Knock knock knocking on Karen's door.

327. Dial the emergency number.

328. Knee-deep in doughnuts, perfume on my feet.

329. Free your Lady Marmalade.

329.1. Wooly boocoo shay avay mwah, sistah.

330. Last night I dreamt of some Dago.

330.1. Last night I dreamt of a bagel.

330.2. Last night I dreamt of some playdough.

330.3. Young girl with eyes like potatoes.

331. Well it's been about an hour since an hour ago.

332. I pay per view.

333. Way down cellar.

334. Try to give you constipation.

335. Lady Elaine.

336. Lead on O kinky turtle.

337. Give to me your liver, take from me my legs.

337.1. Arsenio mountain.

338. Aaaaaaaaaaah, free cow.

339. Speaking words of business.

340. Let Milo open the door.

341. Let's get biblical, biblical.

342. Looking for the word on the vanity, then blow that savings trust, let's go.

343. That little chipmunk dining on your hand.

344. High on a hillside, the blacks are voting.

345. Hot in the Vaseline, it'll surely make you lose your mind.

345.1. Flight in the bat plane.

346. About having to be scrounging, eunuchs for me.

347. Living in the fish islands.

348. Do I have to smell your finger.

348.1. Do you have to use your finger.

349. When you're feelin' alone and a fish walks by.

350. Little goose poop.

351. Skittle bits, skittle bits, can't be wrong.

352. Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curtains away.

353. Little red corset, baby you're much too fat.

353.1. Baby rat call back.

353.2. Little veal cutlet.

353.3. Pay the rent Claudette.

354. Well she's walking through the clouds, with a circus life that's running around.

355. Little men die.

356. Oh, oh, the Bearenstein bears.

357. With a purple operator and a fifth in my hand.

357.1. Livin' lovin', doin' the walrus.

358. Oh Lord, I'm stokin' on an ole dye again.

358.1. Oh Lord, I'm stuck in low gear again.

358.2. Oh, Lord, suckin' an old tire again.

358.3. Oh no, I'm suckin' an ol' eye again.

358.4. Oh Lord, I'm stuck in Ohio.

359. When they brush their teeth.

360. And it appears to be falafel.

361. It's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.

362. Memories of misfits playing in the band.

363. I stole a visa, baby.

364. Looks like tomatoes.

365. From the earth to the cross, my dead toupee.

366. It rained and rained forty daisies, daisies.

367. Our Father, who art in Heaven, Howard be thy name.

368. Sore blue pantyhose, I'm a loser baby.

368.1. Sore from head to toe.

368.2. Soar over Canada.

368.3. Soar and slam the door.

368.4. Sores from head to toe.

368.5. So you're paranoid.

368.6. Soooooo undependable.

368.7. Soul ride on Canada.

368.8. So why don't you cure me.

368.9. I will lose your baby, so fly home and kill me.

369. That's me with the mower, that's me with the frostbite.

370. I started school in a worn torn dress and somebody threw up.

371. Love is like Mao Tse Tung, you get too much.

372. Love Lipton tea.

373. Love, lovely do.

374. Howard Cosell, of love Howard Cosell.

374.1. Hold that bus sir, for love, hold that bus sir.

375. It's a nutsack baby.

376. Serve me custard, my love.

377. Lovin' every chicken nugget.

378. You make me wheeze.

379. There's a frog at your back step, you must drown him in the drain.

380. Four hundred children and a clock in the field.

380.1. Four hundred children and the turnips won't peel.

380.2. Four hundred children and a dog with no wheels.

380.3. Four hundred children and a cop in the field.

380.4. Four hundred children and still not on the pill.

380.5. You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.

381. Lucy's getting high with Linus.

381.1. Lucy knew this guy with diamonds.

381.2. Lucy in disguise with lions.

381.3. Lucy and this guy are dying.

381.4. Lucy in disguise with diamonds.

381.5. Lucy and this guy eat ions.

381.6. The girl's so incredibly high.

381.7. The girl with colitis goes by.

381.8. Picture yourself on a boat in a river, with tambourine trees and marble-made skies

381.9. You think the taxi's a bear on the shore, waiting to take you away, climb on its back with your head in the clouds, and you're gone.

382. Funny, you can't hide your Hawaiian eyes.

383. Mushing ahead.

383.1. Got a mashed in head.

383.2. I worship Mr. Clean.

384. Shut ups, shut up for the Mystery Tour.

385. Zoomer the magic bus.

386. Last night I had a leg of lamb.

387. Floating wafers.

388. Making love on a piano.

389. I'm a toad in a cup.

390. Mandarins in the moonlight.

391. Whoa, here she comes, she's a bad reader.

392. It's just an automatic Monday.

393. I'm starting with the man on the river, I'm asking him to change his name.

394. Did you see that man in the limousine, it was pretty long, he is filthy, and the girl's on a sexy thing.

395. Annie are you puking on Elvis.

396. And salt and the sugar, your muscles at your feet.

397. Eeny meeny make-up.

397.1. Got a stone to break up.

398. Lookin' for my lost sugar and dog.

398.1. Lookin' for my log shaker and saw.

398.2. Lookin' for my log shaken assault.

399. Don't you know we're writing American Express.

400. It's a long way down on this great white toaster.

401. I'm a Cheerio girl.

402. Windshield wipers serpentine.

402.1. Windshield wipers turpentine.

403. Ketchup in a bottle.

403.1. Massage in a brothel.

403.2. Knickers in a parcel.

403.3. Does it fit the parcel.

403.4. I'll send an SOS to the squirrel.

404. Forever let us hold our Pampers high.

405. I'm standing in the middle of life with my pants behind me.

406. Midnight after you're wasted.

407. Protector of the camel.

407.1. Ectoplasma, indoor skeleton.

407.2. I'll fix you every birthday.

407.3. This scene is so hip, my body's still recovering.

408. And I'm a shoe.

409. I know Bill Bixby, I know Bill Bixby, I know Bill Bixby's mine.

410. I guess you like gravy.

410.1. I mix you like gravy.

411. Can you tell me Lion King on the land that grows, can you tell me which cub is going to grow.

411.1. Can you see that a flower is a rose, give it bread and water, give blood to find out which one grows.

412. (Church on time) terrifies me, (church on time) makes me vomit.

413. Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man.

413.1. Take me on a trip upon your magic bowling chimp.

414. Tasting the klingon toe like a relentless camera man, she is so square.

415. Girls with chartreuse hair are something rare.

416. She's a sluzzy moron you will know.

417. Lonely women and baboons.

418. Mulligan pie.

418.1. Mongo tiree.

419. Music makes the bush run free and the rebels.

420. Mustard salad.

421. My country, tizzle tea.

422. My eyes of Georgia.

423. No matzo ball man can take my hand.

424. And I believe that the hot dogs go on.

425. Go to hell with your own life, leave me alone.

425.1. I never said I was a veterinary surgeon.

426. Milo does it good, and only Milo does it good, to-o-o-o me-e-e-e.

427. Oh my marmoset.

428. Bicycle hut.

429. My Corona.

429.1. My chichona.

429.2. Rice-a-Roni.

430. Shamu the mysterious whale.

431. This child is full of fungus.

432. Basket, basketball, don't mean a thing, oh, you basketball.

433. Mother would like it if we slept together.

434. And he kissed my momma's face, and threw mustard at her waist.

435. Well the kind of person you meet at surfin', just falls down the stairs.

436. Nobody told me that pigs eat black peas.

437. No milk today, my cow has gone away.

438. All I can say is that my light is pretty stained.

438.1. I like to keep my peaches hydrogenated.

439. This is, a forty ounce, of sunshine, a forty ouncer.

440. My sensitive manatee has gone down the drain.

441. I can stay home and rot juice.

442. So doused, not matted hair fogged.

443. I'm a muffin man.

444. If we had Imelda Marcos' underpants, we'd see just how they'd fly.

445. Rockets in the Balkans, in the cold November rain.

446. He's a real tail hole man, living in his tail hole land.

447. No woman no pride.

448. I have pie for you, apple pie for you.

448.1. I'm a cheating albino baby.

449. Happy as a rafter in the market place, Molly lets the children lend a hand.

450. Oh come let us ignore Him.

451. My father, my father, he'd bite me.

452. Oh Canada, we stand on cars and freeze.

453. Tin soldiers and Nixon's drumming.

454. Oh, Oh, Oliver Stone.

455. Billy Wauden, walkin' on his feet.

456. The xylophone that ended my two shoes.

456.1. I had a funny itch in my blue suit.

457. We still wave at Gloria down by the courthouse.

458. I'm gonna step to the side, say I'm sorry, stomp on your fingers, then blame it on me.

458.1. I'm gonna swallow my pride internally, snap off your fingers, the blame is on me.

459. Oh Triaminic, hate the taste.

459.1. Triaminic, what the hay.

460. You're fat and you hog the hole punch, girl.

461. Reincinerator, Butterball is better.

461.1. With warm head lice.

462. One less bell to answer, one less pig to fry.

463. Is it any wonder, I'll reject your verse.

463.1. Is it any wonder, I'll reject your breast.

463.2. Is it any wonder, I'll reject your best.

463.3. Is it any wonder, I'll reject your birth.

464. One of these days Jesus will hear what the people preach.

465. Tony Baloney, knows the way I feel tonight.

466. Whoa-oh-oh-oh on the meteor.

466.1. I'm a Leo, wooah, I'm a Leo.

467. The wife I love is making music with my friends.

468. Christ the royal master leans against the phone.

469. A Burrito.

469.1. Arboretum.

469.2. Barbarino, could you help me place this call.

470. I'm like a Midas, she's like a bus.

471. Safeway, save the whale, Safeway, save the whale.

471.1. There's a sale, there's a sale, save the bay, save the bay, save the bay.

471.2. Celery, celery, celery.

472. I'm going to Alabama with a Band-Aid on my knee.

473. Oh time bomb, oh time bomb.

474. Island of seals.

474.1. I licked a seal.

474.2. I Love Lucille.

474.3. Hot as I feel.

474.4. Harlots of steel.

474.5. Honest Cecile.

475. Somewhere over the rainbow, weigh a pie.

475.1. Where trouble smells like lemon drops.

476. The corn is as high as an elephant's fly.

477. Oye como va burritos.

478. Jimmy Cocoa Pops, oh yeah come over.

479. I see a rainbow and I want to paint it black.

480. Papadum bridge.

480.1. Papadum priest.

481. Paper bag writer, paper bag writer.

481.1. Pay for that grinder.

481.2. Pay the black writer.

481.3. Take the back right turn.

481.4. Hit the back riser.

482. Growin' like a meadow on the engine tonight.

482.1. Let me sleep all day, baby baby, let me sleep all day.

483. Fishing with my woman cause she couldn't help me with my mind.

484. Strange fascination, fast hitting me.

485. You and me, my apartheid lover.

486. She says, oh baby, just you shut your mouse.

487. Glide on the beef steak.

488. It's your favorite porno movie.

489. Britches, britches, britches, britches, Baggy Sue.

490. And he's barking at a portrait of the Queen.

491. You have the perfect truck.

492. We'll make Big Macs.

492.1. We'll make big hats.

493. Victor W. Freedom, say goodnight.

493.1. Phillip, don't be a freedom.

493.2. A piece of Mama Daddy never had.

493.3. I used to be hard-beating fulsome one, but the tires have chains.

494. Your gum sticks to my hair.

495. Visigoth, let's get Visigoth.

496. And the piano, it sounds like a carnivore.

496.1. The piano, it sounds like a power mower.

497. Black pilot, I have eggnog.

498. That deaf, dumb, and blind kid, George, plays a mean pinball.

498.1. The Pinball Wizard has suction cups for wrists.

499. I remember when you could starve a flower.

499.1. I remember when you could start with flour.

500. Play that funky music eyeball.

501. I led the pigeons to the flag.

501.1. And to the republic for witches' dance.

501.2. And to the republic for Richard Stands.

501.3. One nation underdog.

501.4. One nation under guard, invisible.

501.5. One Asian in the garage.

501.6. With liver tea and just us four, all.

502. He's the economy man, he makes things all right.

503. Get a dose of wild jackals in kilts.

504. Get up in the morning, baked beans for breakfast so that everyone can be fed, oh, oh, my ears are alight.

504.1. Up in the morning, weighted and breast-fed, I soldered every mouse and beef-head, oh, oh, my ears are alive.

505. Don't wanna be no Bob Seger, don't wanna sing no Bob song.

506. Go son, shoot your own knee.

506.1. You got the bleachers, I got the team.

506.2. Come on join the Army, when you need guns bad.

506.3. Sweet potatoes saccharine.

506.4. Four star super dog meat.

507. I have to praise you like a shoe.

508. Willy Woma.

509. I'm your pirate rancid.

510. Don't be blind to the big surprise.

510.1. Swimming round and round like a deadly ham, on a radio clock.

511. Bowling on a liver.

512. Putting mustard on myself.

512.1. Putting mustard on the shelf.

512.2. Pulling muscles with Michelle.

513. 'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy.

514. Ahhhhhhhh, smoosh it, smoosh it good.

515. Making love with his eagle, Ziggy sucked up into his mind.

515.1. Like a leather messiah.

516. In your bed, in your bed, Gumby, Gumby, Gumby.

516.1. The violins causes soil ants.

517. H-M-E, you've been a gray hen to knee.

518. We all live in the Amazon marine.

519. Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away, now it looks as though they're in pâté.

520. Wild M.C.A.

521. I've got two long legs like a parakeet.

522. You kangaroo love.

523. You can't always get a Chihuahua.

524. You don't pull the mask off the Ozone Ranger.

525. You give love a Band-Aid.

526. Oh Nimbus, have someone.

527. You live, you nerd, you love, you nerd.

528. You never wore cologne.

529. You make me feel like a man and a woman.

530. You made the rice, I made the gravy.

530.1. But it just may be some tuna fish you're lookin' for.

531. The cross-eyed bear that you gave to me.

531.1. The cross-eyed mare that you gave to me.

532. You got me so I can't see Batman.

533. Kurt Cobain, you probably think this song is about you.

533.1. You're so lame.

533.2. Or the wife of a clothespin.

533.3. The wife of a postman.

533.4. I had a dream, there were grounds in my coffee.

533.5. There were clowns in my coffee.

534. Feel the wave.

534.1. Meditate.

534.2. I got shoes, they're made of plywood, and I'm losin' the bows.

534.3. I've got shoes, they're made of plywood, and I'm losing the soles.

534.4. La-wally-la-vo.

535. You're my sun, my moon, my garlic salt.

536. If I was a skeleton, but then again, a gnome.

537. I believe in miracles, you saxophone.

537.1. I believe in Myrtle.

537.2. I believe in Malcolm.

537.3. I believe in milkballs.

537.4. I believe in milk-rolls.

537.5. I believe in Milkbones.

537.6. I believe that Mel's cool.

538. She had me circumcised.

538.1. She had sank de sigh.

539. Grab my Hanes and my pancakes too.

539.1. Grab my aids and my backaches too.

539.2. God made the syrup, everything but you.

540. The wife's on drugs and so am I.

541. Wake me up and throw your cocoa.

542. All the young dudes, carry the nudes.

542.1. All the young Jews, carry the news.

543. Honky take my foodstamps.

544. Marcus Welby walkin' on the sun.

544.1. It's just like getting fat, it retracts before impact.

545. Boston sway, Boston sway.

545.1. Horses play, horses play.

545.2. Corn display, corn display.

545.3. Haunches sway, haunches sway.

546. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta rip-off my friends.

546.1. If you wanna be my plumber, ya gotta have a monkey wrench, fixin' pipes forever, flooding never ends.

547. Wave to Dave and wave to Mike.

548. Portaloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to.

549. Three car family, I've got all my sisters with me.

550. We are the champignons, we are the champignons.

551. Clear your mind and do your best to try and watch the calories.

552. We built this city on the wrong damn road.

553. We like red meat yeah Madonna.

554. I took my love out to a big field, so we could watch the English die.

555. We're coming to your town, we hope your potty ain't down.

556. Oh, we're going to eat pizza.

557. There's a Starman, waiting in me thighs.

558. You big disk breaks, kicking your cat all over the place.

558.1. Oota falootar, cause we are the champions.

559. What a man what a man, when the money comes in.

560. The bride bless the day, the dogs say goodnight.

561. Water vine water vine water vine done to deserve this.

562. What I like about Jews, if you give them a chance.

563. What's love cocka-doo, cocka-doo, cocka-doo with it.

563.1. What's love but a sticky body lotion.

563.2. What's love but a suck a candy motion.

563.3. What's love but a second hand in motion.

564. Every dog has its day, every day has its way, of being called dachshund.

565. I'm gonna wash your knees, gonna wash your knees yeah.

566. If a man was a woman.

566.1. When a man loves a walnut.

566.2. He give up all of his cornflakes, and sleep out in the rain.

567. Maybe you're just like my mother, she's never sat inside.

568. Why does the color of my coffin match your eyes.

569. Well, go and get stuffed.

570. Disco stones.

571. I hear a supersonic Jeep.

572. His head was found in a drive-in reel.

573. I've got two term papers and a microphone.

573.1. I've got a too tight tutu and a microphone.

573.2. I've got a toe-jam football in the microphone.

573.3. I've got a tooth in a bottle and a microphone.

573.4. I've got two tin devils and my mama's home.

574. Segregating, guns and tins of painting.

575. Give the pass a slip.

576. Eyore's dead.

577. In the white room, with black cousins.

578. New Orleans -- oo -- oo -- oo -- oo.

578.1. Ooooooh Ollie -- ooh -- ooh -- ooh -- ooh.

579. Here they come, to steal balloons again.

580. I'm gonna send you every inch of my gloves.

581. One love feeds the fire.

581.1. One hot pesticide.

581.2. One large pizza pie.

582. There are addictions to feet.

583. I get real depressed, I get real depressed.

583.1. I can't breathe in bed.

583.2. I get Tweety Bird.

584. I just bought a waterbed filled up with Elmer's Glue.

584.1. Why don't we cook skunk in stew.

585. Under the arctic fire over the Caesar salad.

586. Wild thing, you make my horse sing.

587. Can I believe the magic of your size.

588. But you are the wind between my legs.

589. Who's creepin' out to capture a Mormon.

590. Later on we'll perspire.

590.1. In the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he is nice and brown.

591. Chipmunks toasting on an open fire.

592. I wish I was a new trombone.

593. Would you exchange, a welcome part in the war, for a negro in a cage.

594. Did you exchange, a walk-on part in The Wall, for a lead role in The Cage.

595. Ooohhooo, windshield woman, see how high she flies.

596. Don't look back at this time as the time the frog begins to dress.

597. Woman, woman have you got cheese on your mouth.

598. 'Cause after all, you're my Butterball.

598.1. 'Cause after all, you're my Wonderbra.

598.2. And after all, you're my wonder wand.

599. They won't get food again.

600. Well I came upon a Charlie Dodd.

601. A two bit whore with wooly draws.

601.1. A doobie horn, and a wooly dog.

602. A working class heel is thumping the beat.

603. Working in a coma.

604. I'll eat rats around your femur.

605. Vacation, couldn't stay sober long.

606. Chewing on a pizza crust, walking down the road.

607. I am your fetus, I am your bundle of joy inside her.

607.1. I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, Georgia sire.

608. Lydia killed the rodeo whore.

609. Big haired woman gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire.

610. Gingivitis dance on air.

610.1. Ginger Rogers dance on air.

611. I'll be there when the ball of cantaloupe.

612. Hair that clogs the water, hair that clogs the sea.

613. It's not the side-effects of her cooking.

614. I'm scared of pop pop.

615. Come on, crippled creep.

615.1. Up on Nipple Creek.

616. Up up and away in my Buick Ford balloon.

617. Virgin, virgin, emergency.

618. Pus, pus, pus, and phlegm, phlegm, phlegm.

619. I used to love her but I had tequila.

620. Don't let the soundy girl on wheels drive you crazy.

620.1. Lookin for a rubber that won't blow my blubber.

621. Bake it, with some lemon, one more time.

621.1. Tickets to The Rickets.

622. Younger than the mountains, growin' lima beans.

623. Take me to the river, watching me drown.

624. Take off your beret.

625. So you think you're a lonely oat.

626. Billy shot Joe while robbing White Castle.

626.1. Billie Joe shot a man down in Wallaby's Castle.

626.2. Billy Joe shot a man while robbing his gas hole.

627. Bakin' carrot biscuits.

627.1. Shake a can of biscuits.

627.2. You get up every morning from your small craft warning.

628. Ginger bread maker made a time bomb.

628.1. A chinky bagel bagel snack bar.

628.2. I think I made a, made a time bomb.

629. You, you are on the road, must have a coat that you can live by.

630. The plywood's never gone.

631. Well I work all day and I piddle in a can.

632. When the moon hits your eye like a big piece a pie.

633. It's a happy enchilada and you think you're gonna drown.

634. That's the way, I mow my lawn, I like it, I mow my lawn.

635. I get no offers just a common from the horse on Seventh Avenue.

635.1. Seeking out the poor reporters where the ragged people go.

636. I am Elmo King of Angels, of hair, to destroy the end.

637. Do the hacksaw.

637.1. Do what I saw.

637.2. Tuna hotdog.

637.3. Googa hustle.

638. Really love your features, want to shake your tree.

639. It was my Chappaquiddick.

640. I bit the head off and the thing was dead.

641. There's got to be a morning lobster.

642. The judge in the town's got love stains on his pants.

643. There's a tear in my ear 'cause I'm crying for your deer, you were on my loathsome mind.

644. Dr. Spouffman, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again.

645. I'm not the kinda girl, who takes drugs like that, oh no.

646. If your time machine is worth saving.

647. Beware the savage jaw of 1984.

648. Are you ready for a King Kong love.

649. G.R.O. Lasalle Redgrave.

649.1. Gee, those were the salad days.

649.2. Gee, I love old sour grapes.

649.3. Songs that made the hip hooray.

649.4. Guys like Gus, we had it made.

649.5. And you know when you were dead.

649.6. Girls were girls and men more mare.

649.7. Mister we could use a mammoth trifle two-fer again.

649.8. Didn't need no wealth and steaks.

650. Once, twice, three times related.

651. She's got a stick in her eye, and she don't care.

651.1. She's got a ticket to Rye, but she don't care.

652. Tidy yellow river 'round the old oak tree.

653. Like chic chic chic chic chic chicken in my hair.

654. Everybody plays the fool, sometime, homosexual on the loose.

655. Hold me closer, Tony Danza.

655.1. Hold me close, I'm tired of dancin'.

655.2. Count the head-lice on the highway.

655.3. Baby darlin' she's a lemon.

656. Tonight, I'll cellotape my gloves to you.

657. I spill tea all over you and me.

658. Arrows of neon, flashing my keys out on Main Street.

659. This watch is cheaper, this watch is cheaper her.

659.1. The stars just tripled.

660. I get no tongue, but I get up again.

660.1. I get no doubt, but I get the upper hand.

660.2. I get knocked down, but I get up again.

660.3. I get a dog, but he shut-up again.

660.4. I got no job, but I'm an opera fan.

660.5. I hate no doubt, but I get over it.

660.6. I'm Killgore Trout, by Kurt Vonnegut.

661. Juicy frog, juicy frog, juicy frog.

662. Dancin' with the chicken slats.

662.1. Dancin' with the chicken slacks.

663. I had a little dove, now he's splattered on the floor.

664. Say you're bulimic, say you're bulimic.

665. The maidens had elephants for the two knights.

666. I've got two chickens to paralyze.

666.1. I've got two chickens in fried rice.

666.2. I've got Tic Tac's and a pair of dice.

667. Save the whales, save the whales, save the whales.

668. Welcome to where mimes are killed.

668.1. Sanitarium makes Wheat-a-Bix, just give me a bowl.

669. I am still living with your goat.

669.1. Lonely and dreaming of a wet coat.

670. Eat a rock eat a rock right.

671. Nights in a taxi cab.

672. Will this stage of goo never end.

673. Are you going to Harvard or Yale.

673.1. Are you going to Scarlet O'Hare.

673.2. Parsley, sage, rosemary and Todd.

673.3. Parsley's age grows merry in time.

673.4. Parsley's angels, Mary and Tom.

673.5. Partly saved, Rosemary and Tom.

673.6. People say it was Mary and Tom.

673.7. Parsnips say Rosemary is blind.

674. Scottish Hippies are the enemy of romance.

675. A penis lies in your own hands.

676. Seasick Asian man.

677. And to right a wrong.

677.1. And to me, pastrami.

677.2. It is known, just streamin' from the wall.

678. I speak to you like the clouds to the birds.

678.1. And I speak to you like the colors to the birds.

678.2. I speak to you like the crows to the birds.

679. Fourteen joys and a wilted canary.

679.1. Sacramento lady, share the wine.

679.2. Fourteen jars and a will to be married.

680. Sixty-Nine you know I want you, you know I need you sixty-nine.

681. Shut up and dance.

682. I'm shavin', shavin' as a man should be.

682.1. I'm shavin' when it comes to lovin' you.

682.2. I'm nameless when it comes to lovin' you.

683. Everyone is crazy 'bout a souped up van.

684. She looks like a flower, but she stinks like a beef.

685. Let us turn our thoughts today to Marge and Luther King.

686. She drives me crazy, and I can't kill her myself.

686.1. She drives me crazy, and I can't heat up an elf.

687. Sheena is a barn rocker.

688. She's a muscular boy, better take her from me.

689. Take a bite of rhubarb.

690. Cheese scones, ooh-ah.

691. I'm so half of you, I'm so half of you, I'm so half of you, and you're so whole.

692. Jacques the monkey.

693. Good looking girls come with diamond stuffing.

694. Tried to get ahead but only god can count potatoes.

695. Science healed the liver I'm yours.

696. Cinnamon gum.

697. Sittin' on the dock of Bombay.

698. Cystic fibrosis.

699. Slippery Slimy Superman.

700. Let some raisins in the sky.

701. Small change got rained on in zone 38.

702. A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, Danny DeVito.

702.1. A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, palomino.

702.2. I'm a lardo, I am Bono, I'm a skater, I'm a beater.

703. Slow motion Walter, the fire engine guy.

703.1. Slow, cousin Walter, fire in the sky.

703.2. Slow running horses, fire in the sky.

703.3. We all went down to Montreaux, on the late Geneva short flight.

704. Spoon aspirator.

704.1. Smooth operatta.

705. I am so into you, I can't get to know the nurse.

706. So long cleanser linoleum.

707. Someone shaved my wife tonight.

707.1. Someone saved my life tonight, sugar bag.

707.2. Butterflies are afraid of flies.

708. Something in the way she moos, attracts me like no other mother.

708.1. Something in the way she boos, attracts me to her mother's lover.

709. Sometimes when we touch, the artist sees too much.

710. I got my head shaved, by a machete.

710.1. I got my head shaved, by a spam addict.

710.2. I got my head shaved, by a trombone chain.

710.3. I wasn't queasy, but I never is.

711. The only boy that could ever reach me was the son of a creature man.

712. I have been around the world, looking for that one-eyed girl.

713. Baked potatoes.

714. This is ground control to Major Tongue.

714.1. Grant control to make your tongue.

714.2. Clown control to Mao Tse Tung.

715. Ghost eraser, ghost eraser, ghost eraser, go-o-o-o-o-o.

716. We are asparagus in my cereal bowl.

716.1. We are asparagus in the material world.

717. And as we wind on down the road, we should have stolen Oreos.

717.1. There's a wino down the road.

717.2. If there's a bustle in your head, Jerome, don't be a lawman.

717.3. But if you listen very hard, the Jew will bother you a lot.

717.4. It's just a sprinkling for the bakery.

718. My tears don't fall, I wonder why I've got a bed at all.

718.1. Please don't call up wondering why, that I'm on Panadol.

719. I know RuPaul.

720. Love bombs bursting in air.

720.1. What so proudly we hailed, as the twilight glass cleaner.

720.2. O the red parts we washed.

720.3. Jose, does that, Star Spangled Banner yet wave.

720.4. At the twilight's blasphemy.

720.5. And the home of the Braves.

721. I-I-I-I'm, stayin' the night, stayin' the night.

721.1. Ah-ah-ah-ah, diggin' the mine, diggin' the mine.

721.2. Ah, ah, ah, ah, stay in the line, stay in the line.

721.3. Ah, ah, ah, ah, stay in the light, stay in the light.

721.4. Ah, ah, ah, ah, stay in the lab, stay in the lab.

722. Serious little darling.

723. Stomp me, I'll do what I please.

724. Strangers in the night, exchanging glasses.

725. Oh yes they call him The Streak, booga-dad, booga-dad.

725.1. Oh yes they call him The Streak, booger day, booger day.

725.2. Oh yes, they crawl in the streets, looky Dad looky Dad.

726. Speeding afro, chocolate madness.

727. You gotta stuff those green tomatoes.

728. Sulphur jet city.

728.1. Suffer jet city.

729. Tastes like chicken when I speed.

730. Ruby, throw dead sparrow.

731. Some of these make me feel fine.

732. Hot fog, summer in the city.

733. I'm a Puerto Rican bus, I'm a Puerto Rican father.

734. Her raunchy sandals too.

735. Sweet cream is made of cheese.

735.1. Sweet dreams are made of leaves.

735.2. Sweet dreams of maitre'd's.

735.3. Traveled the world in generic jeans.

735.4. I traveled the world in the seventies.

736. Swing in motion.

737. Sip on instant tea.

738. We've got a thing and it's called red eye love.

739. Rag doll, livin' in a monkey.

740. She ate a raspberry parfait, the kind you buy at the local drug store.

740.1. Red spherical ring.

740.2. Red spiritual dress.

740.3. Raspberry parade.

740.4. Raspberry sorbet.

740.5. Grand spherical babe.

741. And I feel like a disco ball.

742. All you other Slim Shady's adjusting my tainting.

742.1. The other Slim Shady's are just irritating.

743. Hey hey hey, I was Barney Rubble.

744. Red butt chowder.

745. Red red wine, steak lobster meat.

745.1. Great great white, stay close to me.

746. Are you really into yeast.

746.1. Are you reeling in the yeast.

746.2. Are you gathering up the cheese.

747. You don't have to live like an amputee.

748. Ar-ee espy eazy tea.

749. Return in December.

749.1. Return Tashimba, I'm so alone.

750. But if you go carrying' pictures of Jim and Al.

750.1. But if you go carrying pictures of German mouths.

751. I'm a nine stone cowboy.

752. Hair plain, du ami, one ami.

753. Do I love you, my oh my, river deep, my behind.

754. Whoa Nipsey Russell.

755. I wanna wash myself all night, personal hygiene's okay.

755.1. I wanna rock-n-roll all night, and potty every day.

755.2. I wanna rock 'n' roll all night, and part of every day.

756. Rocket Man, burning down bridges of Avalon.

756.1. Rocket man, burning up like cheese and pheromones.

756.2. Rocket man, burning up like Jesus' hairy bone.

756.3. Rocket man, burning on the edge of Perry's home.

756.4. Rocket man, turning up the strings where they belong.

756.5. Rocket man, running out of shoes, oh well, so long.

756.6. Burning out the feuds on my way home.

756.7. Burnin' up his shoes on heaven's door.

757. Then we'll have some bump and grind.

758. I love chicken in the U.S.A.

759. I'm a desk, I'm a desk.

759.1. I'm a danish, I'm a danish.

759.2. Apple danish, apple danish.

760. Well, I'd like to know where, you got the nose from.

761. Rock the cat box.

761.1. Rock the asphalt.

761.2. Drop the gas bomb.

761.3. This is not kosher.

761.4. For the mental retardation.

761.5. Joleen don't like it.

761.6. Sherri-iii don't like it

762. Only to find Gidget's bible.

763. Do you remember that place in Dixie.

764. Row, row, row your boat, life's a butter stream.

765. Rock sand, runnin' a red light.

766. The warts on the knees, of a woman your age.

767. Goodbye groovy toothpaste.

768. You'll go down and kiss Doreen.

768.1. Olive, the other reindeer.

769. Babble on.

770. Somewhere over the rainbow, weigh a pie.

771. No Time-Life for you.

772. We're so fruity, oh so fruity yeah, we're bacon.

773. De-tox tonight, along two others.

773.1. Meatloaf tonight.

774. Electrically they even say four score.

774.1. At the beagle zone.

774.2. The men have skirts, the current thing, uh-huh.

774.3. Charles Stuart, what's the rage, uh-huh.

775. Doe a deer, a teenage deer.

776. It's a family of bears.

777. There's a rose in a Dixie cup.

778. I thought the major was a lady, sofa and chair.

779. Mustang salad.

780. With Burma Shave it's a lonely view.

780.1. With the velvet shade it's a lonely view.

780.2. With the bourbon shared it's a lonely view.

780.3. With others shared, it's a lonely view.

780.4. With the verbs, she said, it's a lonely view.

780.5. With the blood I've shed, this is lonely and new.

780.6. With the birds in the shed, it's a lonely view.

780.7. With the burger's shed, it's a lonely view.

780.8. With the birds of shade, it's a lonely view.

780.9. With the blood I will shed, I still don't love you.

780.10. When I pull the shade it's a lonely view.

780.11. Wet birds that shave, is a lonely blue.

780.12. Whisper the shed, is a lonely view.

780.13. Whip bird the shade, it's a lonely view.

780.14. From the Burgess Shale, it's a lonely view.

781. I'll never leave your pizza burnin'.

781.1. I'll never be your beef of bourbon.

781.2. I'll never be your pizza burger.

781.3. I'll never be your Easter Bunny.

781.4. I'll never be your big stuffed birdie.

782. Goodbye, groovy cube steaks, who put ham and eggs on you.

783. Just slip out the back, Jack, make a new plant stand, don't need to be corduroy, just listen to me.

784. Candice Bergen cannot change.

785. Some girls are bigger than ovens, some girls muffins' are bigger than other girls' muffins.

786. Is your finger far and moody.

787. Be moist and quiet.

788. When it's cold outside, I got the muffins made.

789. Joy to the viscous and the deep-blue sea.

790. Mallards come out of the sky and they land there.

790.1. Marmots come out of the sky and just stand there.

790.2. Marlins come out of the sky and they stand there.

790.3. Hobbits come out of the sky and they stand there.

791. Dirty deeds and the Dunder Chief.

791.1. Dirty deeds and they're done to sheep.

791.2. Dirty bees and the dumb birds cheep.

791.3. Thirty thieves and the Thunder Chief.

792. Everybody's got their Tuesday night buffet.

793. She's got a tick in her eye, but she don't care.

794. I'm not that kind of girl who wears a dress like that, oh no.

795. Baby, I'm a washroom.

796. She's got better days behind.

797. Where is my JonBenet, where is my prairie dog.

797.1. Where is my John Wayne, where is my furry sock.

797.2. Where is my jolly man, where is my furry sun.

798. A man comes on to tell me how to wash my shirts with bleach.

798.1. He can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke six cigarettes a week.

799. Dirt devil in the freezer.

800. Sleep in heavenly peas, sleep in heavenly peas.

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