Jack Spicer
30 January, 1925 - 17 August, 1965

"To Mr. R D, the only getter of this photograph"

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Photograph of Spicer reproduced with Permission of the Robert Duncan Estate, Poetry/Rare Books Collection of the University Libraries of SUNY at Buffalo; "The Unvert Manifesto;" from "After Lorca," letter #2; from "Admonitions," letters #1 and 2; from "Language," poems "this ocean" and "SPORTING LIFE;" and from "Book of Magazine Verse," poems 1-4 Copyright © 1975 by the Estate of Jack Spicer. Reprinted from THE COLLECTED BOOKS OF JACK SPICER with the permission of Black Sparrow Press. All materials reprinted with permission of Robin Blaser. Special thanks to Kevin Killian for his generous help. -- CA

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