Rodney Koeneke

Carbs is Death

I'm pissed! I hate my life-went on Diet of Death.
Scalloped abs, sodium imbalance (accounted for Boston Marathon
Runner's death) perpetual thoughts
of a slow & dreadful Death. My Astral Body, my Passionate Body,
      mind insecure, uncertain, scared to death

"Death is a law, not a punishment."
Low-Carb Beginner Diet is low on Taste. If you drink Low-Carb Beer?
     You will die?? Yes No I'll Try It

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    thanks again, CARB!
     thanks again, CARB!
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sickandtiredofthedamnovervomitng! ...

Got pissed at the Government. Low Carb Success Stories ­
How did WE get here? It took someone else's death to make me realize
I was not happy with my relationship to food
& I hate the f#@*ing government

If you're interested in the leading causes of death from 1981-2003 ...
These are the famous charcoal kilns. Here are the bones,
A dozen or so of them in a row. Death Star bubbles through water,
Crash diet, brutal carbs

My Little Black Book of Low Carb Recipes:
Death by Chocolate:
    (goes right through the rear-door tubes)
Death by Garlic:
    heart attacks, seizures and sudden death. ...
Death By Caramel
    panicky and very full of death-
Death by Diet Coke:
    (*low carb* since my teens)
Death by Peanuts:
    Being able to speak this new language called
                 "Good Carb/Bad Carb"
Death by Cheese Sandwich:
    You and your significant other have many
               happy low carb years in front of you ...

He was trying to carb me; instead I sold his
Carbs-of-Death death ship for 300k creds. Cap File1. Forgot
to cloak. Cap File2. the Club sends a giant Floral Offering. ...
Cap File3. Upgrade to slide-carbs:
    I heard the fear of death in his voice,
                 his half-mass was fidgety and it
was trembling slightly. ...

bread, potatoes, white flour, pasta, rice - white death ­
     getting "nickeled and dimed" to an early sugar death
I stumbled upon the Low Carb way of eating quite accidentally
trying to talk through the elemental pain of Kathy's death
(side pants and silver-tipped blast throttle boots, jet carb on full ...)

the camera was just about melting and my shoes were almost certainly on fire,
yet [being the researcher I am, I researched this to death] I decided
that having this little lo-carb gadget could literally meant the difference
between a full life & a pretty sucky death.