Friday, September 27, 2013

Remembering Kofi Awoonor
NPR & Kwame Dawes
on the legacy of Kofi Awoonor
13 poems & a bio note
Who should play Salinger
in the movie
Not talking about conceptual poetry
Brandon Brown
on ‘the contemporary’
David Gilmour:
Not all jerks are US citizens
Reviews are still a male domain in Australia

36 letters, 19 syllables,
she has the right to her name
The expanding realm of
Nepali poetry
The slave who wrote
The Bondwoman’s Narrative
Divya Victor’s discourses on orality:
Vanessa Place
with Kim Rosenfield
Rachel Zolf
between Divya &
Myung Mi Kim
Talking with Pat Nolan
Jonathan Safran Foer:
novels could learn a lot
from poetry
Carol Watts on JH Prynne
Snippets from the long list
This alternative longlist
makes you realize how pathetic
the “official” one really is
No poets on this year’s Macarthur list
One thing white writers get away with
that authors of color don’t
CJ Allen
drops out of the Forward Prize
over plagiarism
The ugly underbelly of Aussie poetry
Worldwide epidemic of poetic plagiarism
the word that cannot be uttered
Books no bigger
than a grain of rice
Eliot Weinberger on Herbert Read
Man Booker:
there goes the neighborhood
A NY Times obit for Carolyn Cassady
Edgar A Guest,
millionaire poet
Olson’s gift
High school poets get national honors
Kill the apostrophe!
The trailer for Big Sur
is a cringer
Donors save Austen’s ring for the UK
The ‘long 19th century’
still dominates
world’s oldest poetry radio show
Poet recants ‘former errors,’
now opposes Scottish independence
A history of esoteric punctuation
Punctuation mistakes
that will drive you crazy
An intro to John Riddell
Check out Jessica Smith’s
interview of Michael Basinski
on the back page of
Boog City 83
Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge
What’s the matter with the modern world:
Jonathan Franzen
Springsteen’s tribute to Victor Jara
Go outside to write
What do you say
to a fellow poet in prison
Jamaal May
on participating in not terrible readings
Burt Kimmelman
on Garrison Keillor’s Writers Almanac
James Patterson
donating $1M
to save indie bookshops
Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria home
headed for the wrecking ball
The cost of libraries
vs. an ignorant nation
Uses for paper in the digital age
Writing negative reviews as a career
$100K for Phil Levine
Books banned for the dumbest reasons
Invisible Man banned in NC
Let my novels go:
banned book week @ the
Vonnegut Library
Censors target teen fiction
Most surprising banned books
Idioms are a censor’s wet dream
Censored by Google
I got 8 out of 10
on this
banned book quiz
Michael Hoffman on translating
The 100 best novels
written in English
Camus’ Algeria
Clarence Major is well versed
10 of literature’s most unreliable narrators
(none of whom come from The Sound & the Fury!)
Dostoevsky, Chekov, Tolstoy:
Russia’s sex educators
A perfect tribute to Seamus Heaney
10-book deal for Terry Pratchett
30 books to read
 before you are 30
Too much Shakespeare?
The dominance of English
is leading to disapproval
of English speakers
using other tongues
How to say blog in German
Stephen King on his alcoholism
50 essential works of LGTB fiction
Norman Rush’ Big Chill
Putting James Franco on all the book covers
22 eye operations later,
Bolshoi director
& acid victim
returns to the theater
Women & the Harlem Renaissance
Harlem, women artists & WW2
John Yau:
More to Paul Feeley
than meets the eye
Sol LeWitt’s advice to Eva Hesse
Talking with Amy Sillman
Do white men rule the art world?
9,000 corpses

silhouetted on Normandy beach
When bad things happen to good museums:
Detroit Institute of the Arts
30% of the Art Institute of Chicago’s
modern wing is closed
The scattered fates of closed museums
But 5 new museums
ready for take off
The painter at
the North Philly carwash
Talking with Robert Indiana
Sculpture in the garden
Is everything at art fairs the same-ish?
Barry Schwabsky on Thomas Hirschhorn
The subtle subversions of Gary Hume
15 years of art fraud
Reed Krakoff on collecting art as inspiration
Everything including
your mom’s house
on view @
the Moscow Biennale
Hirst helps Tate set record
Rauschenberg & photography
Talking with Alexis Rockman
Lee Tanner has died
As has Fred Katz
Pussy Riot member goes on hunger strike
@ her prison
an argument with instruments
The Beatles go platinum in the UK
music with a bang
The art of David Tudor
Roger Waters:
I was wrong to sue Pink Floyd
Talking with Matthew Shipp
UK pirates face
intellectual property crackdown
Record companies go after Vimeo over ©
Saul Landau has died
Joshua Clover: White House Down
Soderbergh’s farewell
Sheldon Hackney dies of ALS
Doug Messerli
on the carnage of 2013
The man who invented
search engine
The surge in MOOCs
How to get a job with a
philosophy degree
In Russia,
argument over Kant
ends in
Kolakowski & the long march to Catholicism
Chinese philosophy
rising in the US
Marshall Berman
melts into air
Why Edward Snowden
& Chelsea Manning
American heroes
The death of an adjunct
are the new working poor
Why snake handlers go on TV