Mary Ellen Solt


                              for Lorine Neidecker

W a t e r ’ s

      A b s o l u t e

                        T e a r

                           E r a d i c a t e s

                               R e t u r n

                                          F a l l s

                                               A g i t a t o

                                              L e n t e n d o

                                              L e n t i s s i m o


In 1973 Jonathan Willams published Epitaphs for Lorine, which he edited and Introduced. 74 contributions from 32 poets including Ammons, Bunting, Carruth, Corman, Davenport, Dorn, Eigner, Ginsberg, Kelly, Laughlin, Levertov, Oppen, Rakosi, Reznikoff, Solt,  Sorrentino, Williams were invited to participate. My mother contributed the attached poem,"waterfall" to this festschrft. —Susan Solt
© 2007 Estate of Mary Ellen Solt. Used with permission.