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Al Filreis and Charles Bernstein
Al Filreis and Charles Bernstein at PennSound (photo by Mark Stehle)

PennSound is an ongoing project, committed to producing new audio recordings and preserving existing audio archives. For an overview of PennSound — including a discussion of the project's pedagogical implications — we invite you to listen to PennSound podcast #6.

Professor Charles Bernstein and English Ph.D. student Chris Mustazza explore the history of the PennSound archive below in Knowledge by the Slice: "Radio Free Poetry: PennSound at 14" from Penn Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

We intend to provide as much documentation about individual recordings as possible; new bibliographic information will be added over time. Please contact us if you can supplement the information already provided.

View the press release from PennSound's launch.

Read the PennSound Manifesto

PennSound is a project of the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing.

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  • Charles Bernstein and Al Filreis, Directors
  • Chris Mustazza, Associate Director
  • Michael S. Hennessey, Editor
  • Christopher J. Martin, Technical Director
  • Zach Carduner, Managing Editor
  • Steve McLaughlin, Podcast Director and Senior Editor
  • Danny Snelson and Kenneth Goldsmith, Senior Editors
  • Chris Funkhouser and A.L. Nielsen, Contributing Editors
  • John MacDermott, Technical Advisor
  • Leah Baxter, Elvis Jimenez, Anthony Lagana, Wes Matthews, Mary Osunlana, Nick Seymour, and Arundhati Singh, Student Technical Support Staff

Special thanks to our former editors, interns, and student support staff: Eric Baus, Mollie Braverman, Jeffrey Boruszak, Tyler Burke, Rebekah Caton, Alina Chin, Andie Davidson, Rafael Dimaano, Annie Fang, Jonathan Gorman, Cindia Huang, Kun Jia, Ivana Kohut, Joel Kuszai, Rebekah Larsen, Jenny Lesser, Ari Lewis, Megan Lewis, Sharon Margolis, Kaitlin Moore, Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Jamie Png, Adelaide Powell, Emily Rush, Katie Siegel, Henry Steinberg, Anna Strong, Mike Van Helder, Zach Walters, Mary Weston, Jonathan Wilt, Chris Yeager, Connie Yu, and Anna Zalokostas.


We express our thanks to Penn's English Department, the wonderful staffs of the Kelly Writers House, the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, and School of Arts & Sciences Computing; to UbuWeb and the Electronic Poetry Center. We are grateful to Tom and Lindy Gallagher, Paul Williams, David Roberts and an anonymous donor for their generous support of PennSound.