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reading by Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Ray DiPalma and Ron Silliman
recorded March 10, 1981 at Andrews' New York City apartment

1. "This has a veil . . ." (Andrews, Silliman) (12:23): MP3   text

2. "Chronology" (Silliman) (6:30): MP3   text

3. "The sun is so . . ." (DiPalma, Andrews, Silliman) (5:13): MP3   text

4. "FLUKE JoY" (Silliman, Andrews, Bernstein) (9:36): MP3   text

5. "An Incident in the Usual Daydream . . ." (Silliman, Bernstein, DiPalma) (8:45): MP3   text

6. "And / much clouds spun" (Bernstein, DiPalma, Andrews, Silliman, McCaffery) (16:13): MP3   text
(note: Steve McCaffery does not read on this recording)

complete reading (1:01:05): MP3


>>Andrews and Bernstein read their collaboration at the Ear Inn 1/9/88 (10:59): MP3

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