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Armand Schwerner

Photo © Gerard Malanga

Armand Schwerner: A Film by Phill Niblock (c. 1973)

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The Tablets

  1. Tablet II (5:04): MP3
  2. Tablet IV (4:01): MP3
  3. Tablet VI (7:18): MP3
  4. Tablet VII (5:24): MP3
  5. Tablet VIII (8:01): MP3
  6. Tablet IX (4:53): MP3
  7. Tablet X (0:42): MP3
  8. The Design Tablet (2:10): MP3
  9. Tablet XIII (5:33): MP3
  10. Tablet XIV (3:42): MP3
  11. Tablet XV (5:01): MP3
  12. Tablet XVII (3:54): MP3
  13. Tablet XVIII (3:43): MP3
  14. Tablet XIX (3:09): MP3
  15. Tablet XXV (3:17): MP3

The Tablets, 1974

  1. Tablets I-X (51:40): MP3
  2. Tablets XI-XVIII (40:47): MP3

Reading for Emily Dickinson's Birthday Celebration, St. Mark's Church in the Bowery Poetry Project, December 10, 1979
(04:05): MP3

Reading at The Ear Inn, New York, November 21, 1992

  • Complete Reading (39:32):MP3

Interview with Guy de Bievre, December 1988

Complete recording (1:09:04): MP3, RealAudio

An Essay on Armand Schwerner by Guy De Bievre

Armand Schwerner's The Tablets is available from the National Poetry Foundation (Orono, Maine); it was published in 1999. The recordings of The Tablets were produced as a CD by the National Poetry Foundation that accompanies the book. The recordings were made in the mid-1990s.

© 2006 Estate of Armand Schwerner. Used with the permission of the Estate and the National Poetry Foundation. Distributed by PennSound. Special thanks to Guy De Bievre for making the interview available.