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Series Background

"PhillyTalks" is a dialogue with contemporary poets, begun in 1997. Its newsletter features a written exchange between two poets, each to the other's poetry and context, and is available online at least one week prior to the event. PhillyTalks, the event, presents both a reading by the poets and a discussion that extends the newsletter conversation. Frequently, the event is webcast live to include the participation of poets elsewhere. The series was curated by Louis Cabri and, through most of its run, was produced and managed online by Aaron Levy.


Episode One: David Bromige & Laura Moriarty

Episode Two: Andrew Levy & Jackson MacLow

Episode Three: Jeff Derksen & Ron Silliman

Episode Four: Tina Darragh & Jena Osman

Episode Five: Ammiel Alcalay & Tom Mandel

Episode Six: Allan Gilbert, Herman Edward & Rodrigo Toscano

Episode Seven: Brian Kim Stefans & Fred Wah

Episode Eight: Bruce Andrews and Rod Smith

Episode Nine: Heather Fuller & Melanie Neilson

Episode Ten: Steven Farmer & Peter Gizzi

Episode Eleven: Susan Stewart & Bob Perelman

Episode Thirteen: Barrett Watten & Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Episode Fourteen: Dan Farrell & P. Inman

Episode Fifteen: Kevin Davies & Diane Ward

Episode Sixteen: Sianne Ngai & Abigail Child

Episode Seventeen: Steve McCaffrey & Lisa Robertson

Episode Eighteen: C.S. Giscombe & Barry McKinnon

Episode Nineteen: Karen MacCormack & Allen Fisher

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only.