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Tomomi Adachi

(Image via tigerclaws' flickr photostream)

Reading at the Haus für Poesie, Berlin, February 2, 2019

With Cia Rinne, based on the work of Ruth Wolf Rehfeldt

  • Part 1 (16:14): MP3
  • Part 2 (5:46): MP3

Berlin Sound Poets Quoi Tete, Collective Poetry Performance, Ausland, October 23, 2013

Hosted by Tomomi Adachi, Jelle Meander, Ernesto Estrella and Cia Rinne, with R. Huelsenbeck, M. Janko, T. Tzara, and T. Sawa.

Complete recording (4:29): YouTube

Berlin Sound Poets Quoi Tete, Collective Poetry Performance, Altes Finanzamt, May 15, 2013

Hosted by Tomomi Adachi, Jelle Meander, Ernesto Estrella and Cia Rinne.

Complete recording (9:50): YouTube

Nonstop Action Poetry at Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland, April 26, 2012

With Cia Rinne and Leevi Lehto

Also on YouTube

EDIT Series Reading with Tianna Kennedy (co-sponsored by Writers Without Borders) at the Kelly Writers House, February 18, 2010

  1. untitled (1:56): MP3
  2. Face for Voice and Gesture (4:16): MP3
  3. Anata 5 (2:17): MP3
  4. Sekkan no Shu (2:04):MP3
  5. Voice Sound Poetry Form Begun With -X- (1:46): MP3
  6. Opus Ki (1:54): MP3
  7. Second Hand (3:17): MP3
  8. introduction to Voice and Infrared Sensor Shirt (2:25): MP3
  9. Voice and Infrared Sensor Shirt (6:19): MP3
Complete reading (1:01:47): MP3 / MOV (via KWH-TV)

Festival of Contemporary Japanese Women Poets, New York City, November 15-17, 2006

  • Anata 5 (2:34): MP3
  • Osuterokomusa (1:22): MP3

Variations on the Theme of Kurt Schwitters's "Ursonate."

Schwitters Variations (7:54): MP3

(Hear more of Tomomi Adachi's sound poetry on his page at UbuWeb.)

Sound Poetry Videos, 1995-2008

1. Minna No Uta (Song for Everyone), 1995

A performance by turntable player and publicly gathered unprofessional voice performers (around 10). A sound signal is sent from the turntable player to headphones which all voice performers wear. These performers imitate the sound without any interpretation; the performers play exactly the role of amplifiers and speakers. All performer's voices and acts are totally different because input sounds are too complex to imitate accurately. The audience cannot hear the original turntable sounds.

Complete video (7:28): FLV

2. Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus performing Yoiko, 1999

Complete video (1:43): FLV

3. Performance for Voice and Infrared Sensor Shirt, 2004-2006

Complete video (8:23): FLV

4. Osuterokomusa, 2006

Basic elements are composed by complicated canonic methods for a text (poly-linguistic; alphabet based and Japanese syllable letter based). It is an exploration in polyphony from a monophonic text.

Complete video (0:31): FLV

5. Sound Poetry in a Bath, 2007

A performance based on the first published sound poetry in Japan; "Voice Sound Poetry Form Begun With -X-" written by futurist painter Hide Kinoshita in 1924. The poem was printed on Japanese Dadaism magazine "MAVO."

Complete video (3:05): FLV

6. Yumiko, 1997/2008

Complete video (1:45): FLV

7. Performance with dj sniff at Super Deluxe, Roppongi, March 29, 2008

Complete video (10:17): FLV

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