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Régis Bonvicino

photo: Bernstein/PennSound ©2006

Appearing on Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, October 13, 2009

Art International Radio, operating at

Program One: Reading

Translations read by Charles Bernstein.

  1. Introduction (2:15): MP3
  2. El Mataa (1:08): MP3
  3. El Mataa (1:09): MP3 tr. Odile Cisneros
  4. "Imagem impossível," interspersed with "Image Impossible"(3:12): MP3 tr. Charles Bernstein
  5. Outra tempestade (0:42): MP3
  6. Another Storm (0:48): MP3 tr. Odile Cisneros
  7. Poema sério (0:48): MP3
  8. Serious Poem (0:37): MP3 tr. Odile Cisneros
  9. Tatugem (0:55): MP3
  10. Tattoo (2:11): MP3 tr. Charles Bernstein
  11. Azulejo (0:34): MP3
  12. Blue Tile (0:27): MP3 tr. Charles Bernstein
  13. Azulejo (0:26): MP3
  14. Caminho de hamster (1:12): MP3 tr. Odile Cisneros
  15. The Hampster's Way (1:14): MP3
  16. Definitions of Brazil with Charles Berstein (7:21): MP3
  17. Cocaine Kate (3:58): MP3 tr. Charles Bernstein and Maria do Carmo Zanini
  18. Prosa (0:55): MP3
  19. Prose (1:04): MP3 tr. Charles Bernstein
  20. Untitled (1:05): MP3
  21. Sem título (1:14): MP3 tr. Odile Cisneros

Complete program (34:52): MP3

Program Two: Conversation

Complete conversation (29:27): MP3

Note: this talk was presented as part of the Writers Without Borders series.

From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Régis Bonvicino, June 29, 2006

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Régis and I were riding through the outskirts of São Paulo on our way to Campinas.The World Cup was on and Régis shares Brazil's big-time enthrallment with the series. At one point, in an email, Régis reprimanded me for referring to the "Australia and Brazil game." "In Brazil, you never write the 'Brazil - Australia game', but 'Brazil x Australia'. The x meaning the match, the 'hardness' of the game .... It sounds like a battle, for us, not like a game." Régis told me he was devoted to a local football team and went to almost all their games."My team's name is Palmeiras (Palms), founded in 1914 by Italian immigrants to keep alive Italian traditions in São Paulo." I asked him how the team was doing.
(mp4, 23 seconds, 3 mb)

In conversation with Runa Bandyopadhay, Nov. 20, 2021

at Jacket2

Sept, 11, 2002, Buffalo Poetics Program

Excerpted reading (20:39): MP3
This recording was severely damaged. I have removed the worst parts, providing a sonic inventory of the reading, with many splices. I preface the event followed by an introduction by a poetics student from Portugal. I read translations by Odile Cisneros and Michael Palmer and also "Me Transformo" & Règis' tr. of my "Sign Under Test." --Ch.B.

At Segue (303 East 8th Street, New York, NY), June 10, 1998

Translations read by Charles Bernstein.

  1. Ownerless Houses / Casas Sem Dono (2:39): MP3 tr. Michael Palmer
  2. Petal / Pétala (1:29): MP3 tr. Michael Palmer
  3. Violet Illustration / Ilustração de Violeta (1:07): MP3 tr. Guy Bennett
  4. Talvez / Talvez Seja Um Pássaro (1:57): MP3 tr. Michael Palmer [text]
  5. The Disorder Of / A Desordem De (2:26): MP3 tr. Michael Palmer
  6. Night (2) / Noite (2) (0:45): MP3 tr. Régis Bonvicino and Robert Creeley
  7. Me Transformo / Me Transform - O! (1:54): MP3 homophonic translation by Charles Bernstein [text] (Performed by Bernstein and Bonvicino)
  8. Course / Corso (0:57): MP3 tr. Chris Daniels
  9. The Sky / O Céu (1:52): MP3 tr. Michael Palmer
  10. The Light / A Luz (0:55): MP3 tr. Michael Palmer
  11. Ego (1:04): MP3 tr. Jennifer Sarah Frota
  12. Bird (1) / Pássaro (1) (1:52): MP3 tr. Jennifer Sarah Frota
  13. The Night / A Noite (0:51): MP3 tr. Jennifer Sarah Frota
  14. Where / Onde (0:49): MP3 tr. John Milton
  15. 210195 (0:34):MP3 tr. John Milton
  16. Blue / Azul (0:48): MP3 tr. John Milton and Regina Alfarano
  17. Não Nada (0:45): MP3
  18. Q & A session (14:32): MP3

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