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Donna Brook

Reading at the Kelly Writers House - October 11, 2006

  1. Giving Poetry Readings (2:14): MP3
  2. To the Proponents of Intelligent Design: A Rant (2:18): MP3
  3. Chemical Depression (1:18): MP3
  4. Spontaneous Combustion (3:12): MP3
  5. Robert Hershon at Home and Abroad (1:30): MP3
  6. On Editing Your Third Book of Poems (1:46): MP3
  7. His True Story (7:10): MP3
  8. I Have My James Schuyler Too (2:24): MP3

Complete Recording (29:32): MP3

Wednesday Night Series: Hayan Charara, Donna Brook, St. Mark's Church, NY, Janurary 23, 2002

Library of Congress recording (58:18): link

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