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Sterling Brown

Image credit: The Sterling A. Brown Papers of the Williams College Archives & Special Collections

  • Break of Day (1:50): MP3
  • Sharecroppers (1:49): MP3
  • Slim in Hell (2:54): MP3
  • Old Lem (2:06): MP3
  • Old King Cotton (1:15): MP3
  • Puttin' on Dog (2:12): MP3
  • Ma Rainey (3:05): MP3

  • related: Ma Rainey, "Bad Luck Blues (Break of Day)" c. 1923 (3:07): MP3

Cloteel, Old Lem, Break of Day, Transfer, Remembering Nat Turner, Ballad of Joe Meek, Strong Men (22:43): MP3

Long Track Blues, Sporting Beasley, Sam Smiley, After Winter, Conjured, Children's Children, Putting on Dog, Unclie Joe, Parish Doctor (21:36): MP3

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