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Bob Cobbing

Bob Cobbing and Jennifer Pike, mid-1960s

The Sound of Writers Forum, 2010

Directed and filmed by Steve Willey
First screened at Off The Shelf, Slade/UCL, March 22, 2010
List of poets interviewed in order of appearance: John Rowan, Paula Claire, Adrian Clarke, Robert Sheppard,
Peter Finch, Lawrence Upton, Robert Hampson, Sean Bonney, Scott Thurston, Mark Jackson, Mike Weller

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PoemTalk #72, discussing Bob Cobbing's "Portrait of Robin Crozier", October 14, 2013

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

"Make Perhaps This Out Sense Of Can You" Opening Reception,
Van-Pelt Dietrich Library, October 10, 2007

Complete Recording (58:52): MP3

"Suddenly Everyone Began Reading Aloud": A Celebration of Bob Cobbing

Featuring Maggie O'Sullivan, cris cheek, Marvin Sackner, Charles Bernstein,
and Matthew Abess, at the Kelly Writers House, October 11, 2007

(L-R) cris cheek, Matthew Abess, Dr. Marvin Sackner, Maggie O'Sullivan and Charles Bernstein (photo courtesy of Derek Love)

Performances in Honor of Bob Cobbing

A Roundtable Discussion of the Life and Work of Bob Cobbing

  • featuring:
  • Charles Bernstein: MP3 (2:03)
  • Marvin Sackner: mp3 (14:37)
  • Maggie O'Sullivan: mp3 (13:16)
  • Matthew Abess: mp3(7:03)
  • cris cheek: mp3 (12:00)

Bob Perelman and Ron Silliman on Bob Cobbing (interviewed by Al Filreis after the tribute) complete recording (7:13): MP3

Bob Cobbing: Recordings 1968-2005

Text-Sound-Compositions - A S (2005)

  1. Whississippi (8:04): MP3
  2. AsEasy (7:14): MP3

The Italian Job (1988)

(Voices: Bob Cobbing and Peter Finch)

  1. E Colony (6:17): MP3
  2. From A Processual Double Octave, Text-sound-compositions 1 (Sveriges/Fylkingen) (11:20): MP3

Birdyak, Green Computer (1988)

(Voices: Bob Cobbing and Hugh Metcalfe)

  1. Sod and Sos (1:26): MP3
  2. Computer Poem 6 (1:24): MP3
  3. Portrait of Robin Crozier (1:32): MP3 (also featured on PoemTalk Episode 72)
  4. Green Computer (2:45): MP3
  5. Yak Poem (1:31): MP3

Birdyak, Aberration (1988)

(Voices: Bob Cobbing and Hugh Metcalfe)

  1. Finn Ships (1:52): MP3
  2. Kwatz (3:25): MP3
  3. (computer poem) (2:18): MP3
  4. KEWYAMXOOKA YAMXAPOOKA (I paint his face) (2:58): MP3
  5. Worm (5:05): MP3
  6. Destruction in Art (Glasgow) (5:41): MP3
  7. Destruction in Art (Aberystwyth) (4:37): MP3
  8. Aber (6:29): MP3
  9. Make Perhaps This Out Sense of Can You (4:07): MP3
  10. Alphabet of Fishes (1:53): MP3
  11. A Daze of All My Daze (2:04): MP3
  12. The Sacred Mushroom (4:01): MP3

Oral Complex at the L.M.C. (1983) (Writers Forum Cassette No. 4)

(Voices: Bob Cobbing, Clive Fencott, John Whiting)

  1. Trigram (9:08): MP3
  2. Blotting Music (7:33): MP3

Various Throats: Volume One No. 11 of the Underwhich Audiographic Series (1982)

(Voices: Bob Cobbing, Keith Musgrove, Steven Smith)

  1. Fugitive Poem (3:43): MP3
  2. Quatz (5:53): MP3
  3. Ouph/Voicings No. 5 (4:11): MP3
  4. Duplicator Print (6:55): MP3

Fylkingen Text Sound Festival (1975)

  1. Portrait of Robin Crozier (5:02): MP3 (also featured on PoemTalk Episode 72)


  1. Hymn to the sacred mushroom (5:19): MP3
  2. 15 Shakespeare-Kaku, a collaboration with Lawrence Casserley (8:57): MP3

Experiments in Disintergrating Language, Konkrete Canticle (1971)

(Voices: Bob Cobbing, Paula Claire, Michael Chant)

  1. Ga(il s)o(ng) (3:19): MP3
  2. Suesequence (4:15): MP3
  3. A sandwich poem, consisting of Poem for Voice and the Mandoline and Poem for Gillian (3:23): MP3
  4. Hymn to the sacred mushroom (5:13): MP3

Phonetische Poesie (1971)

  1. From ABC in Sound (d - p - t) (1971) (2:43): MP3

Concrete Poetry (1970)

  1. Variations on a Theme of Tan (1970) (6:54): MP3

Jackson Mac Low, Bob Cobbing, and Tom Leonard Reading at the Sound & Syntax International Festival of Sound Poetry, 1978

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Miscellaneous Recordings

  • Chamber Music (1968) (9:01): MP3
  • Marvo Movie Natter (Voices: Cobbing, A. Lockwood, Jeff Keen, etc.) (4:13): MP3
  • Spontaneous Appealinair Contemprate Apollinaire (Voices: Bob Cobbing and Francois Dufrene) (3:12): MP3
  • On Radio Radio (produced by Martin Spinelli)

    • Program Seven (Bob Cobbing) (45:00): MP3
    • Program Sixteen (Bob Cobbing & Lawrence Upton) (45:00): MP3

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