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Robert Coover

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Reading and Discussion at the Kelly Writers House, February 23-24, 2009

Reading on February 23
  1. Introduction by Al Filreis (7:00): MP3
  2. Introduction by Vince Levy (6:12): MP3
  3. "The New Thing" (10:30): MP3
  4. "In Anticipation of the Question 'Why Do You Write?'" (3:20): MP3
  5. A passage from The Public Burning (7:06): MP3
  6. "The Grand Hotel Nymph Light" from The Grand Hotels (of Joseph Cornell) (10:43): MP3
  7. From Pinnochio in Venice (13:43): MP3
  8. Reading from Noir (8:57): MP3

  9. Complete Reading MP3

Segments selected from the discussion moderated by Al Filreis on February 24
  1. "The Fallguy's Faith" (from A Child Again) (5:48): MP3
  2. A physical description of Charlie Chaplin from "Charlie and the House of Rue" (from A Night at the Movies) (7:54): MP3
  3. Opening Paragraphs of "Grandmother's Nose" (from A Child Again) (3:15): MP3

  4. Complete Discussion MP3
    Condensed Discussion MP3

    Watch streaming QuickTime videos of both events on Coover's Kelly Writers House Fellows page

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