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Celebration of Crayon Magazine #3

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, May 9, 2001

Featuring speakers: Andrew Levy, Chris Daniels, Andrew Mossin, and Deirdre Kovac

Crayon Magazine #3 Launch Party & Reading. Crayon #3, in a way similar to the premier festschrift for Jackson Mac Low's 75th birthday, is a book or anthology more than the usual issue of a literary magazine. In its pages are presented a surprising and unpredictable mix of prose essays and new poetry from many of the most brilliant poets publishing today, and one, Fernando Pessoa, who has been dead for some time now. Crayon #3, writes one of its admirers, is "beautiful, thoughtful, coherent, and has a kind of integrity I rarely see in any magazine. I can see the editors really thinking through what they want the magazine to stand for, to value, to care about."

Celebration of Crayon Magazine #3 (1:16:05): MP3

    Andrew Levy
  1. Introduction of Andrew Levy (2:22): MP3
  2. Andrew Levy discussing Crayon #3 (6:53): MP3

  3. Deirdre Kovac
  4. Introduction of Deirdre Kovac (0:41): MP3
  5. Post Haste (1:30): MP3
  6. Yours As Ever (0:58): MP3
  7. "a little inaugural poem" (0:35): MP3
  8. Over There (5:03): MP3
  9. Thereafter (2:04): MP3
  10. Systemantic (0:42): MP3
  11. Scrapped (0:48): MP3
  12. Agent 7 (1:23): MP3
  13. Shunt (1:24): MP3

  14. Andrew Mossin
  15. Introduction of Andrew Mossin (1:25): MP3
  16. Andrew Mossin speaking about Drafts for Shelley (3:54): MP3
  17. Birthright (9:53): MP3

  18. Chris Daniels
  19. Introduction of Chris Daniels (1:25): MP3
  20. Speaking about Fernando Pessoa and Alvaro de Campos (6:01): MP3
  21. Triumphal Ode (Translation fo Alvaro de Campos by Daniels) (16:21): MP3
  22. On the Last Page of a New Anthology (Translation of de Campos) (2:21): MP3
  23. Song to the Englishwoman (1:22): MP3
  24. "Not a minute too soon" (1:41): MP3
  25. The Teju (Translated from Alberto Caeiro) (3:37): MP3
  26. "All love letters are ridiculous" (translated from de Campos) (1:25): MP3

  27. Concluding remarks by Andrew Levy (0:45): MP3

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