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Edwin Denby

Photograph © Rudy Burckhardt

(38 min. total)

  1. The Climate (0:56)
  2. The Subway
  3. People on Sunday (1:17)
  4. To peer at the common man as at a Hero (0:58)
  5. The married man is grateful for the stuffy room (0:56)
  6. Three old shepherders so filthy in their ways (0:55)
  7. Lunchroom (0:32)
  8. Lunchroom (version two) (0:27)
  9. In Salzburg (0:42)
  10. Postcard (1:16)
  11. When you're sitting at a counter or in a grocery store (1:33)
  12. Adjoining Entrances to Office Buildings in Renaissance Styles (1:06)
  13. Luncheonette Display (0:56)
  14. Mid-Day Crowd (1:13)
  15. Northern Boulevard (0:56)
  16. Laurel Hill (incomplete) (0:44)
  17. Hung Sundays from Manhattan... (1:07)
  18. Meeting a freightyard head on... (1:04)
  19. On weedy outskirts the factories lodge (1:03)
  20. An eye is wide and open like a day (1:06)
  21. Florence (1:12)
  22. Siena (1:07)
  23. The Parthenon (1:03)
  24. Ciampino - Envoi (1:07)
  25. The Spring goes drifting, angel of deceit (1:03)
  26. Born in my loft, dancer untame (0:54)
  27. Slight man walking, inveighs to himself (0:51)
  28. Writing poems, an employee... (0:53)
  29. Alex Katz paints his north window (0:53)
  30. Slight, P.R tiny son she lay (0:54)
  31. The grand Republic's poet... (0:49)
  32. Grey blue ridge, grey green leafage (0:59)
  33. Disorder, mental, strikes me... (0:54)
  34.       (text of poem and commentary by Jacob Burckhardt (Jacket 21)
  35. Drought has burnt the meadow pink-gold (1:01)
  36. New York dark in August... (0:51)
  37. The newspaper lies slid, tracked up (0:55)
  38. Is Her Matter (a play) (1:41)
  39. Remote from New York, on north dunes (0:57)
  40. Short excerpt from the movie LURK (1963) (0:14)

Recorded and edited by Jacob Burckhardt 1976-83. Originally issued as a compact disc in 2004. This CD is available from The Poetry Project in New York and can be ordered directly by calling 212-674-0910 or by e-mailing

From The World Record: Readings at the St. Mark's Poetry Project, 1969-1980

  • Elegy -- the Streets (5:36): MP3

Additional Edwin Denby Recordings

Photograph © Rudy Burckhardt


The Complete Poems, edited with an introduction by Ron Padgett, essays by Frank O'Hara and Lincoln Kirstein, photographs by Rudy Burckhardt, Random House, 1986

Dance Writings & Poetry, edited by Robert Cornfield,Yale University Press,1998

Looking at the Dance, introduction by B. H. Haggin, Horizon Press, originally 1936, reprinted 1968

Edwin Denby feature in Jacket 21 (2003)

Collected Poems, Full Court Press, 1975

In Public, In Private, poems by Edwin Denby, with photographs by Rudy Burckhardt

Dancers, Buildings, & People In the Streets, introduction by Frank O'Hara, Horizon Press, 1965

Mrs. W's Last Sandwich: A RomanceScream in a Cave, Curtis Books, 1972)

Snoring in New York, Angel Hair Press, 1974

Miltie is a Hackie, a libretto, movie stills by Rudy Burckhardt, Z Press, 1973

Mag City 14 -- Edwin Denby Issue, introduction by Mark Hillringhouse, 1982

Mediterranean Cities: sonnets by Edwin Denby, photographs by Rudy Burckhardt, George Wittenborn, Inc., 1961

Edwin's Tao, a translation of Lao Tze's Tao Teh Ching, Crumbling Empire Press, 1993

Two Conversations With Edwin Denby, Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds Publications, for the occasion of the presentation of "The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin" at BAM, 1973

The Second Hurricane, vocal score, libretto by Edwin Denby, music by Aaron Copland, Boosey & Hawkes, NYC, 1937

Ballet Review: "Edwin Denby Remembered," I, II, III -- Spring, Summer, Fall, 1984

Ballet with photographs by Alexei Brodovitch and text by Denby (J.J. Augustin, New York, 1945)

Willem De Kooning (Hanuman books, Madras and New York, 1988)

Compiled by Mimi Gross

"Visiting Edwin Denby’s Mediterranean Cities" by Vincent Katz
Mediterranean Cities by Edwin Denby (full text)

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the Estate of Edwin Denby. © 2004 Estate of Edwin Denby. Used with permission of Jacob Burckhardt. Distributed by PennSound.