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Emily Dickinson

PoemTalk #87, Discussing Emily Dickinson's "She rose to His Requirement," and "Wild Nights - Wild Nights!," feat. Michelle Taransky, Cecilia Corrigan, and Lily Applebaum on April 14, 2015

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selections from the PennSound archives

Naomi Replansky reads poems by other poets at the home of Marcia Eckert and Tom Haller, New York, June 17, 2015

  1. After Great Pain (1:07): MP3
  2. The Soul Selects Her Own Society (0:38): MP3

John Richetti: from "106 Favorite Poems, Good for Memorizing," 2014

  • Because I Could Not Stop for Death (1:07): MP3
  • A Narrow Fellow in the Grass (1:01): MP3
  • There's a certain slant of light (0:44): MP3
  • Success is counted sweetest (0:33): MP3
  • The soul selects her own Society (0:36): MP3

PoemTalk #32, discussing Susan Howe's interpretation of Emily Dickinson's "My Life had stood -- a Loaded Gun," May 24, 2010

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

Susan Howe: from a Kelly Writers House Fellows Program Discussion, March 23, 2010

  • owning Emily Dickinson (1:59): MP3
  • on Marta L. Wenrer's Dickinson Project (2:11): MP3

from Poets for the Millennium Vol. 3 launch reading, Kelly Writers House, October 7, 2009

  • Jeffery Robinson reading Emily Dickinson's "I think I was enchanted" (1:50): MP3

Susan Howe: from the Radio Readings Project, produced by Ernesto Grosman, 1998

  • Reading Emily Dickinson's "My Life Had Stood -- a Loaded Gun" and the associated passage about the poem in My Emily Dickinson (6:34): MP3
  • [clip from above, beginning "When I love a thing..."]
  • [clip from above, beginning "I go in disguise, so under stress..."]

Susan Howe's interpretation of "My Life had stood -- a Loaded Gun" is also featured on PoemTalk Episode 32.

Susan Howe: from a 1995 LINEbreak radio program with Charles Bernstein

  • Reading from My Emily Dickinson (2:00): MP3
  • On power, writing as a woman, and Emily Dickinson (2:26): MP3

Rae Armantrout on Dickinson

from Nine Contemporary Poets Read Themselves Through Modernism, the Kelly Writers House, October 14, 2000

Susan Howe: Lecture on Emily Dickinson at SUNY Buffalo, September 28, 1990

  • Part 1 (1:58:15): MP3
  • Part 2 (28:47): MP3

Robert Creeley: from "Walking the Dog" lecture, SUNY-Buffalo, September 17, 1990

See also: Susan Howe's interpretation of "My Life had stood -- a Loaded Gun" on PoemTalk Episode 32.

Robert Creeley at the New College, 1985

recordings courtesy of David Levi Strauss, introductions by Aaron Shurin

Complete Lecture on Emily Dickinson, Part I, September 20, 1985

  1. Challening the Image of Emily Dickinson as Eccentric, Reactive, and Fragile (11:06): MP3
  2. On the Comings and Goings of the Amherst Town and Church, Her Secondary School Education, and Her Daily Interactions (10:39): MP3
  3. On Her Family Life (3:34): MP3
  4. Reading from Emily Dickinson's Letters (8:28): MP3
  5. On the Patterns of her Friends and Family (13:47): MP3
  6. Reading from Emily Dickinson's Letters (3:19): MP3
  7. On Her Productivity During 1862 (2:39): MP3
  8. On Williams and Dickinson, and Not Providing Explanations (4:55): MP3
  9. Death and the Civil War in Relation to her Poetry (10:57): MP3
  10. Reading "Success is counted sweetest" (0:32): MP3
  11. Reading "Ambition cannot find him" (0:17): MP3
  12. Her Influences and Reading Interests (8:05): MP3
  13. Dilemmas of the Anthology Presentation, Rhythmic Shifts, Metric Variations, and Her Use of the Dash (3:23): MP3
  14. On the Notions of Place and Home (14:47): MP3
  • Complete lecture (1:35:46): MP3

Complete Lecture on Emily Dickinson, Part II, September 23, 1985

    Complete lecture (1:35:58): MP3

      Complete Lecture on Emily Dickinson, Part III, September 25, 1985

      • Complete lecture (1:56:13): MP3

      from the New York Talk Series, New York, NY, February 24, 1984

      • Susan Howe reading from "My Emily Dickinson" (1:06:46): MP3
      • Discussion (57:50): MP3 (Charles Bernstein, George Butterick, Madeline Keller, Jeanne Lance, Lydia Davis, Edie Jarolim, Janet Chalmers, Eliot Weinberger, George-Thérèse Dickenson.)
      • - Dickinson's mixing of pronouns (2:08): MP3
      • - Dickinson and Higginson (6:52): MP3
      • - shifting values and ambiguity in relation to Dickinson's writing (8:50): MP3
      • - Dickinson's Master Letters (0:48): MP3
      • - ambiguity and uncertainty as a different epistemological (3:06): MP3
      • - sovereignty in relation to ambiguity (3:14): MP3
      • - Dickinson's reclusiveness (4:23): MP3
      • - the recurrence of the color white (1:20): MP3
      • - working out of the English male tradition and political issues in Dickinson's poetry (4:23): MP3
      • - Sewall on Mabel Loomis Todd and Austin Dickinson (2:45): MP3
      • - coming to Dickinson from the perspective of a 20th century woman (5:14): MP3
      • - officially accepted interpretations of Emily Dickinson (12:31): MP3
      • - power in inconclusiveness (2:15): MP3
      • Complete event (2:04:37): MP3

      Robert Duncan: Lectures on Emily Dickinson, New College, June 23-July 2, 1981

      Recordings provided courtesy of David Levi Strauss.

      June 23, 1981

      • Part One (3:08:42): MP3

      June 30, 1981

      • Part Two (2:54:31): MP3

      July 2, 1981

      • Part Three (2:51:53): MP3

      A Celebration of Emily Dickinson's Birthday, St. Mark's Poetry Project, December 10, 1979

      (featuring Jan Heller Levi, Charles Bernstein, Susan Leites, Charles Doria, Virginia Terrace, Barbara Guest, Madeleine Keller and Vicki Hudspith, Armand Schwerner, Karen Edwards, Jackson Mac Low, Maureen Owen, and Susan Howe)

      Elizabeth Bishop: from Susan Howe's Pacifica Radio Program, 1979

      • on Emily Dickinson (1:43): MP3

        • John Ashbery and Barbara Guest: on PEN Portraits, WNYC, 1977

            responding to Emily Dickinson's statement that some words made her want to take off her hat to them (3:38): MP3

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