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Larry Eigner

PoemTalk #97, discussing poems by Larry Eigner

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

Jennifer Bartlett on Facebook Live on Eigner, March 20, 2018

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Tribute Reading for Larry Eigner's 90th Birthday, The Green Arcade, San Francisco, CA, August 7, 2017

On occasion of the publication of the selected poems, with Jennifer Bartlett, Norma Cole, Steve Dickison, Richard Eigner, Norman Fischer, Jack Foley, Kathleen Frumkin, George Hart, Lyn Hejinian, Kit Robinson, and Stephen Ratcliffe.

Complete recording (1:52:07): MP3

Jennifer Bartlett and Charles Bernstein talk to Curtis Fox about Larry Eigner’s Selected Poems.

Full, unedited recording of May 10, 2017 session made for Poetry Foundation’s Off the Shelf program. (59:34): MP3

Jennifer Bartlett on Larry Eigner, Gloucester Writers Center, November 29, 2014

Complete recording (1:14:43): MP3

Last Public Reading, Sacred Materials, Cloud House Poetry Archives, November 17, 1995

Eigner reads from Gertrude Stein's Three Lives at the 1995 Gertrude Stein Marathon, Berkeley, curated by Lyn Hejinian. Read the Kush's account, and Stein's text, here.

Complete recording (11:39): MP3

Interview with Jack Foley on WKPFA, Berkeley, CA March 9, 1994

Complete recording (58:54): MP3

Program exerpts

1. Eigner reads "Again dawn" (0:29): MP3

[text: Collected Eigner, II:357]

2. Eigner's remarks after reading "Again dawn" begin with his commenting on not recalling exactly what the poem meant. Charles Bernstein has transcribed this short section (0:30): MP3 3. Discussio of this poem with Charles Bernstein, May 13, 2022: Vimeo, PennSound MP4

Well I forget what I meant and ... disappointed, I guess. You know my mother said to me to communicate you must speak clear ... first of all ... though I soon realized that immediacy and force take priority.

"Again dawn" is also featured on PoemTalk Episode 97.

Reading at Larry Blake's House, San Francisco, April 3, 1986

Complete recording (31:15): MP3

Eigner reading on November 28, 1978

Complete Reading (31:22):

Recording courtesy of Ron Silliman

Around new/sound daily/means, Selected poems, S Press Tape No. 37, recorded by Michael Kohler at Swampscott, Massachusetts, 1 and 11 July 1974

  1. Dying (0:38): MP3
  2. A Structured Field (0:11): MP3
  3. A Temporary Language (0:20): MP3
  4. Love Children (0:09): MP3
  5. Magnetic Lines (0:11): MP3
  6. Common Sense (0:32): MP3
  7. Tolstoi's Kept On (0:28): MP3
  8. To Negotiate (0:13): MP3
  9. Music is Human (0:19): MP3
  10. Unyielding Rock (0:37): MP3
  11. Paper (0:32): MP3
  12. The Sky (0:15): MP3
  13. Snow Flakes (0:26): MP3
  14. Trees Stand (0:22): MP3
  15. Time Flies (0:06): MP3
  16. Birds (0:33): MP3
  17. How Much a Squirrel (0:37): MP3
  18. The Sun Goes (0:17): MP3
  19. The Cat's Ears (0:27): MP3
  20. You Gotta Have Steam (0:38): MP3
  21. At Death Olson's (1:31): MP3
  22. Tribute to Cage (1:25): MP3
  23. Around the Frames (0:15): MP3
  24. Open Road (0:12): MP3
  25. Enough New (0:11): MP3
  26. Contact Communication (0:12): MP3
  27. Everybody Dies (0:04): MP3

Complete recording (13:55): MP3

"A Temporary Language" and "Unyielding Rock" are also featured on PoemTalk Episode 97.

Getting It Together: A Film on Larry Eigner, directed by Leonard Henny (1973)

© Estate of Leonard Henny. Used with the permission of Alexander Henny.

Abridged Version featuring only Larry Eigner

For additional information, see Jacket2 entry

Media SAS mirror full film: MP4

Media SAS mirror excerpt of Eigner only: MP4

Eigner's Poetry Read by David Gitin for Writers and Writing, KPFA, 10-19-70

  • Musical Introduction (7:30): MP3
  • Introduction (3:49): MP3
  • Part 1: Road Side, Parts of Salem, From the Sustaining Air, B (3:53): MP3
  • Part 2: A house divided, from Farther North, from Partition, from Denise Levertov's Introduction, The Fine Life (7:10): MP3
  • Part 3: Do the Dogs Know Why They Bark, Out, Parell, Glass, Birthday, The wind like an ocean, For Sleep (6:25): MP3
  • Part 4: After all the singing faces, Stoa, Keep Me Still for I Do Not Want to Dream, Again dawn, Loneliness,
    Thick and Fast, The Twigs, Gravity Getting Me Down, The Wandering Mosquito (6:48): MP3
  • Part 5: Live bird which sings, She Who Would Risk the War, The discursive, The fountain of youth is a poetry,
    After a Song by Samuel Barber, I have felt it as they've said, glimpse, Deep valleys, The Disappearance of Matter, Slow is the Poem (5:49): MP3
  • Part 6: Children's Sizes are Indeterminate, At Least the Chair Makes Some Noise It's Mysterious, Towards Autumn, June 30th-July 2nd, #411, #416, #427, #428 (6:15): MP3
  • Conclusion (6:51): MP3

"Again dawn" is also featured on PoemTalk Episode 97.

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