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Raymond Federman

Appearing on the LINEbreak program with Charles Bernstein

  • Complete program (29:13): MP3
  • "Dada Poem" with Charles Bernstein (0:40): WAV

  • "Dada Poem for Two Face to Face" Raymond Federman & Charles Bernstein,1995 (based on a poem by Federman) (0:45): MP3
    transcript of the LINEbreak conversation at the Journal of Poetics Research

    Reading at Wednesdays @ 4 Plus, SUNY-Buffalo, November 1, 2000

    Complete reading (1:02:30): MP3

    Take It Or Leave It, 1998

    This audio production of three major chapters from Take It Or Leave It, with its sonic landscape created entirely from electronically modified bits and pieces of Federman's voice, further exaggerates the self-canceling aspect of Frenchy's narrative as Federman's voice is heard obliterating itself as quickly as he can relate the story.

    1. Title Page (0:42): MP3
    2. First Pretext (2:12): MP3
    3. The Masturbatory Gesture (25:42): MP3
    4. Second Pretext (1:50): MP3
    5. Frogliness (20:38): MP3
    6. Third Pretext (0:55): MP3
    7. Charlie Parker, or how to get it out of your system (21:44): MP3

    Take It Or Leave It was supported in part by a grant from Jerome Foundation. Sound design by Erik Belgum

    Lecturing: "Postmodernism: Before and After," SUNY Buffalo, February 26, 1992

    Complete recording (1:20:50): MP3

    The Excavation of Grave-Diggers

    Complete reading (4:51): MP3

    Reading from chapter XIV of Take It or Leave It, "Laughter & Literature"

    Complete reading (20:00): MP3

    June 1972, with overdubs

    (36:25): MP3

    "In the Beginning," "Walls," "Me too: A Schizophrenic Poem" ++

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