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Dominique Fourcade

Close Listening Reading and Conversation, March 24, 2009

Art International Radio, operating at

Program 1: Reading (27:20): MP3
Fourcade reads from the first part of Tout Arrive, translated into English by Stacy Doris from Everything Happens (Post-Apollo Press); Bernstein reads from the translation in the second half of the show.

Program 2: Conversation with Charles Bernstein (26:14): MP3

Dominique Fourcade and Charles Bernstein in conversation, "La poétique, l'écriture de la poésie et l'invention du modernism" (Poetics, the writing of poetry, and the invention of modernism), Gertrude Stein colloquium at the Matisse, Cézanne, Picasso... L’aventure des Stein" at the Grand Palais in Paris (same as "The Steins Collect" in SF and NY), Oct. 21, 2011

  • Complete conversation (1:05:45): MP3

Reading for Double Change, Paris, January 29, 2007

Reading at SUNY Buffalo, November 15, 2000

Complete reading (1:04:18): MP3

Introduction by Charles Bernstein who joins Susan Howe in parts of the reading, including Toute Arrive / Everythnig Happens

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