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Jörgen Gassilewski

Appearing on Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, Kelly Writers House, October 6, 2010

Presented by Writers Without Borders

Program One: Reading
English translations by the author and friends, read by Charles Bernstein

  1. introduction (2:08): MP3
  2. The Marking of the Kerosene is High (1:26): MP3
  3. Grind and Drill (2:16): MP3
  4. To Whom Should You Talk (1:15): MP3
  5. Plant That is Green and Nice (1:00): MP3
  6. Paper of the Center, it is to Know (1:10): MP3
  7. Turning Back Right After Starting Off (1:39): MP3
  8. The Stork Founding a Home (1:00): MP3
  9. The Third Test of the Land, Following (1:25): MP3
  10. All Days in the Class (1:23): MP3
  11. The Weapon and a Forlornness (1:28): MP3
  12. Test Run and Refreshments are Offered (1:23): MP3
  13. I Love You in a Hundred Languages (2:06): MP3
  14. I Love You is a Beautiful and Useful Phrase (0:53): MP3
  15. I Love You (1:02): MP3
  16. I Love You Too (1:03): MP3
  17. When A Joyful Thing Falls (8:52): MP3
  18. Untitled (6:34): MP3
  • Complete reading (38:13): MP3 / MOV

Program Two: Conversation with University of Pennsylvania students
Renee McDougall, Chris Millone, Trisha Low, Yolanda Carney, Alexandra Gold

  • Complete conversation (28:10): MP3 / MOV

Program one video:

Program two video:

From Audioei 1 / OEI #26, 2006

Jag Laser Det Jag Skriver (6:25): MP3

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