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photo courtesy of Lawrence Schwartzwald

John Giorno

Essay by Michael Hennessey: "Poetry by Phone and Phonograph: Tracing the Influence of Giorno Poetry Systems"

From Audiobooks, Literature, and Sound Studies, ed. Matthew Rubery, Routledge, 2010


Reading as part of the Segue Series at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York, February 28, 2009

  1. It Doesn't Get Better (4:48): MP3
  2. The Wisdom of Witches (7:24): MP3
  3. A Bad Tree (9:06): MP3
  4. Thanks for Nothin' (9:55): MP3

"Balling Buddha", published by S-Press as tape #34 and as #38/39, 1975

  • Recording Part 1 - Pornographic Poem (17:49): MP3
  • recorded Fall 1966, Voices: Henry Geldzahler, Trisha Brown, Anne Ware, Ted Berrigan, John Perreault, Sarah Dalton, Lee Crabtree, Alan Saret, Patty Oldenburg, Nina Leary, Brice Marden, Michael McClanathan, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg
  • Recording Part 2 - Chromosome (14:24): MP3
  • recorded with Moog Synthesizer, N.Y., Fall 1967 (Rose read by Anne Waldman; Cycle read by Michael McClanathan; Flavor Grabber read by Brice Marden; Chrome read by Brice Marden and Anne Waldman)
  • Recording Part 3 - Groovey & Linda (9:35): MP3
  • recorded with Moog Synthesizer, N.Y. January 1968, read by Joy Bang
  • Recording Part 4 - Balling Buddha (20:42): MP3
  • recorded with Moog Synthesizer, N.Y. January 1970, read by Ron Gold and John Giorno

"Johnny Guitar", published 1975 by S-Press as tape #23/24, 1969–1972

Recorded at St. Mark’s Church New York, November 1972; Trumansburg N.Y., January 1968; New York, January & March 1969

Voices: John Giorno, Paul Ide, Sheyla Bayrak, Anne Waldman, Peter Zimel, Mark Gorbulew, Jim Carroll, Joy Bang, Michael McClanathan, Constance Abernathy, Steve Carey

Moog Synthesizer: John Giorno

  • Johnny Guitar Part 1 (40:07): MP3
  • Johnny Guitar Part 2 (39:51): MP3

"Give it to Me Baby" from Tape Poems, ed. Eduardo Costa and John Perreault, 1969

Give it to Me Baby (5:41): MP3

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