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Mimi Gross

photo © 2006 Charles Bernstein

Appearing on Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, October 20, 2006

WSP1, Clocktower Studio, New York

Complete recording (26:41): MP3

Mimi Gross discusses the art of making portraits, the dimensionality of painting, the relation of drawing to painting and the relation of drawing to writing, and her experiences making art at Ground Zero in September 2001.

WPS1 engineer: Lucy Sinanjuntak

From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Mimi on the Beach, August 8, 2006

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Mimi Gross
Mimi believes the key thing about doing portraits is the relationship you have with the subject. A couple of years ago, she did a portrait of Felix and me. We were at Herring Cove beach and Mimi, as always, had brought a sketchbook. Talking to Mimi gave me the idea to do these portraits. (mp4, 40 sec., 5 mb)

FAT FEET by Mimi Gross and Red Grooms

FAT FEET, a Yellow Ball / Ruckus Films Production, 1965-66 VIDEO

Remembering the time of making FAT FEET by Mimi Gross, August 2011

The Making of FAT FEET by Yvonne Andersen, August 24, 2011

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