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Alan Halsey

Reading at Boise State University, October 15, 2010

  • complete reading (41:03): MP3

On Cross-Cultural Poetics Episode #108: "Two European Poets," June 4, 2006

Halsey reads from his Selected Poems and discusses the modalities of British poetry.

  • complete segment (28:41): MP3

Reading at SUNY-Buffalo, October 15, 1997

  1. Intro (2:19): MP3
  2. Coherent Light (4:20): MP3
  3. Hints for the New Year 1993 (2:08): MP3
  4. lluminations for the Duréd Group, Tax & Financial Planning Division (2:48): MP3
  5. On Change & Exchange (1:30): MP3
  6. Resignation Mimes (0:52): MP3
  7. Response to Mathias Huss's Danse Macabre Illustration (9:21): MP3
  8. Self Portrait in a 90's Bestiary (1:33): MP3
  9. Three Texts after Bryan Wynter's Imoos VI (4:24): MP3

    Complete Reading (40:14): MP3

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Steve McCaffery performs Carnival, Panel 3 for The Other Room, Leeds Art Gallery, UK, June 7, 2011 (with Halsey, Karen Mac Cormack, and Geraldine Monk)

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