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Benjamin Hollander

Reading from In the House Un-American, San Francisco, June 25, 2014

Complete reading (5:33):

Reading and Interview for Poet as Radio, San Francisco, February 9, 2014

Complete recording (59:09):

Reading at Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee, Friday, January 17, 2014

Complete reading (1:19:06): MP3

Talk with Ammiel Alcalay on Translation and Poetic Identity in the Age of Identity Politics, Bard College, Novenber 18, 2013

  1. Poetic imagination and politics (6:29): MP3
  2. Monolingualism in American literary culture, the need for a multilingual consciousness, and language as alien (6:40): MP3
  3. Ben Hollander reading Clear, Concise, Correct: A Drama (5:14): MP3
  4. English as a second language and as a soverign language (2:41): MP3
  5. on In the House Un-American (2:36): MP3
  6. on Language and reimagination, our index of imagery, and writing for a non-American audience (5:40): MP3
  7. on The way image-makers respond to crisis, the lack of preparedness, and friendships as a frontline against propoganda (7:04): MP3
  8. The normalizing of difference (2:46): MP3
  9. Physicality in relation to the modalities by which public discourses are created (8:09): MP3
  10. The projection of the image and the nexus between art, imagination, and magic (5:56): MP3
  11. Language that stretches across cultural boundaries (2:40): MP3
  12. Multiplicity as permissible and the domestication of fantasy (8:13): MP3
  13. Sameness and difference in relation to writing and translation (7:29): MP3
  14. Poetic thinking as being in between events and translation as cultural invention (4:19): MP3
  15. on From the Warring Factions and how the work of translators is absorbed by other writers (5:45): MP3
  16. on Difference and transmission (6:07): MP3
  17. on Allegiance and community (5:19): MP3
  18. on Cultural multiplicity (6:47): MP3
Complete recording (1:40:05): MP3

Reading with Ammiel Alcalay Reading, Special Views of History, Bard College, November 18, 2013

Complete reading (1:50:25): MP3

Reading from In The House Un-American, The Book Cellar, Chicago, July 9, 2013‏

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Reading at Moe's Books, Berkeley, CA, May 22, 2013

(with Susan Gevirtz)

Complete recording (1:19:31): MP3

Reading from Levinas and the Police, The Unitarian Center, San Francisco, September 20, 2001

(with Sarah Menefee, introduction by Steve Dickison)

Complete recording (1:08:42): MP3

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Un-American Poetry: Conversation with Murat Nemet-Nejat, Ben Hollander, and Ammiel Alcalay, Kelly Writers House, March 22, 2001

Ben Hollander Reading (20:58): MP3

Complete recording (33:00): MP3

Panel, "The Whole Matter of the Human: Voicing Difference in Poetry," San Francisco State University, November 5, 1994

(with Dorianne Laux, Tino Villanueva, Jane Miller, and Cyrus Cassells)

Complete recording (1:03:06): MP3

Writing the Margin: This is Not a Talk with David Levi-Strauss, Intersection, November 3, 1987

Complete recording (1:31:15): MP3

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