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Paul Hoover

Reading "Krishna Takes a Picture" at Asian Art Gallery, San Francisco, August 9, 2012

The poem concerns the art work of Malaysian artist Paklong Anading.

Complete reading (1:56): MP3, Video

Reading from Desolation: Souvenir (Omnidawn, 2012), Moe's Books, Berkeley, CA, April 4, 2012

Complete reading (9:23): MP3, Video

Festival internacional de poesia, Teatro el circulo, Rosario, Argentina, February 16, 2011

  1. Reading two poems from Poems in Spanish (Omnidawn, 2012), with translations by Esteban Moore (9:47): MP3, Video
  2. Interviewed by Esteban Moore about current situation of U.S. poetry (14:55): MP3, Video

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, Episode #223: Two from San Francisco, November 17, 2010

Paul Hoover reads from and discusses his co-translation from the Vietnamese Beyond The Court Gate: Selected Poems of Nguyen Trei (Counterpath Press).

Complete recording (29:45): MP3

Reading poems from Sonnet 56 (Les Figues, 2009), Moe's Books, Berkeley, CA, February 20, 2010

Complete reading, part I (7:10): MP3, Video

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, Episode #171: Forms of Address II

Paul Hoover, poet and author, reads from and discusses his book of essays Fables of Responsibility (University of Michigan Press).

Complete recording (31:00): MP3

MLA Offsite Reading, the Forum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, December 28, 2008

Also featuring: Noah Eli Gordon, Lorraine Graham, Rob Halpern, Durriel Harris, Carla Harryman, Elizabeth Hatmaker, Jeanne Heuving, Bill Howe, Lisa Howe, Javier Huerta, Paolo Javier, Kevin Killian, Aaron Kunin, Joseph Lease, Walter Lew, Bill Luoma, Philip Metres, Kasey Mohammad, Bill Mohr, Rusty Morrison, Aldon Nielsen, Tom Orange, Craig Perez, Donna de la Perriere, Kristin Prevallet, Lisa Robertson, Jeffrey Robinson, Kit Robinson, Jerry Rothenberg

Complete recording (1:31:09): MP3

Interview on the Joe Milford Poetry Show, October 18, 2008

  1. Introduction (1:26): MP3
  2. on Translating the work of Friedrich Holderlin (7:34): MP3
  3. on Editing Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology and Black Dog, Black Night: Contemporary Vietnamese Poetry (2:53): MP3
  4. on Edge and Fold (5:10): MP3
  5. reading and discussing "Edge and Fold 30" (1:31): MP3
  6. on The relationship between poetry and philosophy (5:28): MP3
  7. on The beginning of Edge and Fold and the image in Hoover's poetry (3:35): MP3
  8. on Reading poetry according to the terms set by the writer (2:56): MP3
  9. on The New York School and Language Poetry (15:50): MP3
  10. on Poems in Spanish and Sonnet 56 (2:12): MP3
  11. reading Shakespeare's "Sonnet 56" (1:08): MP3
  12. reading "Noun Plus Seven" [from Sonnet 56] (1:07): MP3
  13. reading "Homosyntactic Translation" [from Sonnet 56] (1:37): MP3
  14. reading "Haikuization" [from Sonnet 56] (0:24): MP3
  15. Listing his variations on "Sonnet 56" (0:50): MP3
  16. reading "Driver's Song" (1:57): MP3
  17. reading "Edge and Fold 19" (0:22): MP3
  18. reading "Infant at the Entrance" [from Desolation: Souvenir] (0:55): MP3
  19. reading "It's a Sign for Infinity Shining" [from Desolation: Souvenir] (0:47): MP3
  20. reading "Why are Children Cruel?" [from Desolation: Souvenir] (0:28): MP3
  21. reading "Someone Holds You Now" [from Desolation: Souvenir] (1:00): MP3
  22. on Being transformed by translation (0:59): MP3
  23. reading "Brevity" [translation of Holderin] (0:38): MP3
  24. reading "When I was a Boy" [translation of Holderin] (2:33): MP3
  25. reading "Spring" [translation of Holderin] (0:33): MP3
  26. Discussing the life of Friedrich Holderlin (5:48): MP3
  27. reading "The Windows (Speech-lit Islands)" (1:56): MP3
  28. reading "Famous" (1:26): MP3
  29. Closing comments (3:33): MP3
Complete recording (1:17:48): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, Episode #50: What Dialogue Does, 2004

With Margaret O'Bank.

Paul Hoover reads from Rehearsal in Black, the latest book by this important poet, in its conversation with Wallace Stevens, Language Poetry, and more.

Complete program (56:22): MP3

Segue Series Reading at Double Happiness, NYC, December 4, 1999

Complete reading (32:40): MP3

Segue Series Reading at Ear Inn, NYC, January 26, 1991

  1. James Schuyler, A Fictional Memoir (7:40): MP3
  2. Desire (2:00): MP3
  3. The German Version (1:32): MP3
  4. from The Novel (25:47): MP3
Complete reading (37:25): MP3

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