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Peter Jaeger

Excerpt from “100,000 Hand-Drawn Questions from the Red Notebooks,” Hallwalls Contemporary Art Centre, Buffalo, New York, September 11 to October 23, 2020

The curator of the show—"First Person, Fourth Wall: A Project with People Like Us."—was Vicki Bennett.

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Talk on and reading of "Midamble" at Made of Walking Festival at La Romieu France, July 2017

A short talk on the ambient walking text "Midamble" (23:20): MP3

Reading "Midamble" at the Lavoir (a historical washing place) [extract]:

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"Sub Twang Mustard" as Performed by Members of the Yehudi Menuhin Music School, 2016

Daniel Penny, winner of the BBC's young composer of the year award in 2015, set Peter Jaeger's poem "Sub Twang Mustard" to music. The piece is performed here by members of the Yehudi Menuhin Music School and trombone soloist John Kenny, under the direction of John Cooney. The poem was originally published in Jaeger's 2004 book Eckhart Cars.

Complete Recording (3:20): MP3

Reading A Field Guide to Lost Things for the if p then q reading series at The Hardy Tree Gallery, London, England, June 27, 2015

Reading at Kingsgate Gallery, London, June 20, 2013

Complete Reading, excerpts from 54049330. MP3

This reading occurred at the opening of "The Floating World" installation by Kaz, held at the Kingsgate Gallery. It was accompanied by a screening of Kaz’s and Jaeger’s collaborative video Nozomi, filmed on the bullet train which runs between Kyoto and Tokyo. The Japanese word Nozomi means hope, and it is also the name given to the bullet train.

Reading and Interview as part of The Other Room reading series, Manchester, June 20, 2012.

Interview with James Davies (11:42):

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  1. Excerpt from Rapid Eye Movement (11:54): MP3
  2. “Naked Lunch Poems” (4:04): MP3
  3. Excerpt from The Persons (7:02): MP3


  • Complete Recording, Prop (16:22): MP3

  • Produced by Kenneth Brake at Regal Lane Studio, London, March 3, 2006.

Reading and Interview on "Up For Air" Resonance FM FM 104.4 July 7, 2003.

Complete Interview with Rob Holloway and Reading of poems from Eckhart Cars (35:11): MP3

  1. “Pollard” (1:27): MP3
  2. “A Black Tooth in Front” (11:04): MP3
  3. “Stabled” (8:52): MP3

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