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Damon Krukowski

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, March 2, 2006 (introduced by Kenneth Goldsmith)

Complete Reading (48:06): MP3

Reading as part of The Line Reading Series, November 30, 2004

from The Memory Theater Burned (Turtle Point Press, 2004)

  1. Introduction by Lytle Shaw (4:18): MP3
  2. The War (3:15): MP3
  3. Kaddish (0:46): MP3
  4. Economy (1:24): MP3
  5. Song Without Words (3:06): MP3
  6. The Memory Theater Burned (0:59): MP3
  7. Sonho de Valsa (1:23): MP3
  8. The Envelope (2:12): MP3
  9. Read Me (1:11): MP3
  10. The Image (1:20): MP3
  11. Poetry (2:04): MP3
  12. Complete Reading (17:39): MP3

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