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Norbert Lange

Appearing on Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, October 30, 2018

Note: this program sponsored by Writers Without Borders

Program One: Reading

Complete Recording (53:45): MP3

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Program Two: Conversation

Complete Recording (29:23): MP3

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Reading with Charles Bernstein of their collaboration "Apoplexy/Apoplexie" (Near/Miss), Berlin Poetry Festival, May 26, 2018

Complete Recording (21:14): MP3

Conversation with Charles Bernstein at the Berlin Poetry Festival, May 25, 2018

Complete Recording (46:29): MP3

Reading with Charles Bernstein of their collaboration "Apoplexy/Apoplexie" in Dresden, May 13, 2015

Complete Recording (24:29): MP3

Other readings with Charles Bernstein:

  • Berlin launch for Angriff der Schwierigen Gedichte (Lux Books) on Nov. 21, 2014 at LiteratHausBerlin
    with translators Tobias Amslinger, Léonce W. Lupette, Norbert Lange & Mathias Traxler
    Complete Recording (2:01:01): MP3
  • Tobias Amslinger, Norbert Lange, Léonce W. Lupett, Mathias Traxler, and Bernstein read from Angriff der Schwiergen Gedichte (Bernstein selected poems in translation) at the Proust bookstore in Essen, May 11, 2015
    Introduced by Norbert Weir. Video © Robert Golinski. Used with permission.
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  • Literaturwerkstatt, Berlin, May 15, 2015

    photo © Robert Golinski
    Connaisseur des Chaos: C=H=A=R=L=E=S B=E=R=N=S=T=E=I=N
    Tobias Amslinger, Norbert Lange, Léonce W. Lupett, Mathias Traxler, and Charles Bernstein
    Moderator: Simone Kornappel

    1. Introduction by Simone Kornappel (5:45): MP3
    2. Johnny Cake Hollow (1:07): MP3
    3. Norbert Lange, introduction (5:13): MP3
    4. Sagen wir einfach / Let's Just Say  (3:50): MP3
    5. Dysraphism / Dysraphismus (13:45): MP3
    6. The Bricklayer's Arms / Die Arme vom Maurer (11:22): MP3
    7. Susan Bee talk (slide presentation -- audio only) (20:56): MP3
    8. Wherever Angels Go / Wo immer Engel schweben (2:48): MP3
    9. Catabolism / Kräfteverfall (6:57): MP3
    10. Doggy Bag /  Restebox (3:14): MP3
    11. Discussion: Simone Kornappel and group (15:07): MP3
    12. Thank You for Saying Thank You / Danke fürs Bedanken (simultanaety) (7:30): MP3

    Thanks to  Matthias Kniep and

  • Lyrik Kabinett, Munich, January 25, 2012. Bilingual reading with Norbert Lange.
    1. Introduction by Christian Lux: MP3
    2. "What Makes a Poem a Poem" (improvisation): MP3
    3. comment and intro to "Kiwi": MP3
    4. "Kiwi Bird in Kiwi Tree": MP3
    5. "Bricklayer's Arms": MP3
    6. "Catabolism": MP3
    7. "Influence of Kinship Patterns on the Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus": MP3
    8. "Thank You for Saying Thank You": MP3
    9. "Let's Just Say": MP3
    10. "Verdi and Postmodernism": MP3
    11. "Castor Oil": MP3
    12. "Johnny Cake Hollow": MP3
    13. "All the Whiskey in Heaven": MP3
    14. Discussion: MP3
    15. "The Elfking" (adaption of Goethe's "Der Erlkonnig"): MP3
  • Berlin, Sept, 11, 2012, at Lettrétage

    with Tobias Amslinger, Norbert Lange, Mathias Traxler, Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich and Charles Bernstein

    Video 1 (mp4)
    Dodgem (Bernstein, Amslinger, Lange, Traxler)
    Introduction to the Project by Lange
    Introduction to Charles Bernstein by Büscher-Ulbrich
    Video 4 (mp4)
    "Riddle of the Fat Faced Man" and translation (Bernstein, Lange)
    Translation of "Doggy Bag" read by Amslinger
    Translation of You (Bernstein, Amslinger, Traxler)
    Video 5 (mp4)
    "Castor Oil" + translation (Bernstein, Amslinger, Lange)
    "Verdi and Postmodernism" (Bernstein, Amslinger)
    Translation of "The Bricklayers Arms" (Traxler)
    Video 6 (mp4)
    Translation of "Autonomy is Jeopardy" (Lange)
    "Johnny Cake Hollow" (Lange)
    Translation of "Defence of Poetry" (Büscher-Ulbrich)

These recordings are available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. © 2018 Norbert Lange. Recordings used with the permission of Norbert Lange. Distributed by PennSound.