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Gerrit Lansing

Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, December 9, 2012

Recorded (with video and photo) by Ernesto Livon-Grosman. Produced and edited by Charles Bernstein.

Program One:

Gerrit Lansing reads selections from his collected poems, The Heavenly Tree / Northern Earth (North Atlantic, 2009)

Complete reading (26:40): MP3

  1. introduction (0:38): MP3
  2. The Heavenly Tree Grows Downward (0:48): MP3
  3. The Castle of Flowering Birds (0:58): MP3
  4. The Milk of the Stars From Her Paps (6:43): MP3
  5. In the American Forest (1:58): MP3
  6. Good Goo in South (1:45): MP3
  7. In Erasmus Darwin's Generous Light (4:06): MP3
  8. Conventicle (0:53): MP3

Program Two:

Gerrit Lansing talks with Charles Bernstein, and guest Susan Howe, at Lansing’s house in Gloucester, Mass. Lansing, a close friend of Charles Olson, discusses the wild of Gloucester, the relation of the magic (and the magical) and the occult to poetic practice, Nerval, queer politics and the poetics identity, New York in the immediate postwar period, parapsychology at Harvard in the late 1940s, Gnosticism versus neo-Platonism, Jewish mysticism, and his connections with Henry Murray, Harry Smith, Alan Watts, Aleister Crowley, Carl Jung, and John Ashbery.

Complete recording (55:43): MP3

and after the show. . .

A Celebration of Gerrit Lansing in Kingston, NY, October 20, 2018

Recorded by Christopher Funkhouser

  1. Michael Bisio [introduction and performance] (7:19): MP3
  2. Pierre Joris [introduction] (2:00): MP3
  3. Tamas Panitz (4:09): MP3
  4. T. Urayoán Noel (7:56): MP3
  5. Nicole Peyrafitte (6:49): MP3
  6. George Quasha (9:11): MP3
  7. Pierre Joris (7:09): MP3
  8. Don Byrd (6:45): MP3
  9. Charles Stein (13:53): MP3
  10. Robert Kelly (8:00): MP3

Reading (with Chuck Stein) as part of the Olson 100 proceedings at the Bookstore of Gloucester, October 7, 2010

Reading for Poems for the Millenium Vol. III, Harvard University, March 30, 2009

  1. from Gerard de Nerval, Delfica (1:33): MP3
  2. from Gerard de Nerval, Artemis (1:25): MP3
  3. reading "The Welcome" (1:59): MP3
  4. reading from Walt Whitman, This Compost (4:14): MP3
  5. reading "The Compost" (2:34): MP3

Complete reading (1:59:24): MP3, MOV

Wednesday Series: Joanne Kyger and Gerrit Lansing, St. Mark’s Church, NY, March 3, 1999

Recorded on audiocassette. Recording hosted by the Library of Congress.

  1. Side A (48:35): link
  2. Side B (48:42): link

Phone interview on local radio, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, Buffalo, 1998

Complete recording (20:46): MP3

Reading at the Ear Inn, December 12, 1987

Complete reading (40:48): MP3

Courtesy of Simon Pettet

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