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Ben Lerner

Reading of Flow Chart, John Ashbery 90th Celebration, 2017

Complete Reading (05:41): MP3

Opening Remarks for John Ashbery at Pioneer Works, Red Hook, Brooklyn, December 8, 2015

John Ashbery celebration featuring readings by Geoffery G. O’Brien, Mónica de la Torre, and John Yau. Further information on this event can be found at the Pioneer Works programs archive, here.

Complete recording (1:17:07): MP3

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, March 18, 2014

  1. Introduction (05:00): MP3
  2. Index of Themes (02:22): MP3
  3. from Leaving the Atocha Station (14:01): MP3
  4. Contre-jour (03:14): MP3
  5. from 10:04 (07:14): MP3
  6. No Art (01:28): MP3
  7. Q&A Discussion (10:46): MP3

Complete recording (44:21): MP3

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Reading at the Kelly Writers House, September 30, 2008

  1. Introduction (04:11): MP3
  2. from Mean Free Path (17:59): MP3
    I finished the book and looked up (01:36): MP3
    You startled me (00:25): MP3
    Identical cities. How sad. (00:26): MP3
    The petals are glass. That's all you need to know (00:23): MP3
    All pleads for an astounding irrelevance (00:24): MP3
    Surface effects. Patterns of disappearance. (00:24): MP3
    Unhinged in a manner of speaking (00:22): MP3
    Wake up it's time to begin (00:25): MP3
    In an unconscious effort to unify my voice (00:28): MP3
    A cry goes up for plain language (00:30): MP3
    A live tradition broadcast with a little delay (00:27): MP3
    To lay everything waste in the name of renewal (00:26): MP3
    All these flowers look the same to me (00:24): MP3
    Combine was the word I was looking for (00:24): MP3
    Then, where despair had been (00:25): MP3
    Around 1945 the question becomes: Sleepyhead (00:26): MP3
    Bend the plastic stick and break the interior tube (00:26): MP3
    As brand names drift toward the generic (00:25): MP3
    Numbness, felt silence (00:25): MP3
    It's more of a vitamin than an anti-psychotic (00:22): MP3
    She handed me a book. I had read it before (00:26): MP3
    It isn't a culture of fear (00:22): MP3
    No concept of clockwise rotation (00:39): MP3
    We have no reason to hope, but what's reason (00:23): MP3
    If you could see the tip of the vector (00:24): MP3
    By complex I mean my intention is drawn (00:25): MP3
    Birds were these little ships that flew and sang (00:25): MP3
    Her literature is irrelevant to October (00:27): MP3
    It will develop recursively or not at all (00:24): MP3
    Applause. Speak plainly (00:25): MP3
    I dyed what's-her-face's hair with lime (00:21): MP3
    Into this poem through a windsheild (00:22): MP3
    I don't deny the influence (00:26): MP3
    If I rise from the table, if I wander (00:26): MP3
    Authority derived from giving it away (00:24): MP3
    The entire system weighs about two pounds (00:26): MP3
  3. Doppler Elegies (08:18): MP3
  4. from Stephen Crane's War is Kind (02:14): MP3
  5. 5. Q&A Session (07:46): MP3