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Mike Magee

PoemTalk #105, Discussing Michael Magee's "Morning Constitutional," feat. Kristen Gallagher, Kerry Sherin Wright, and Joshua Schuster

For complete recording and program notes go to Jacket2.

PoemTalk #75, discussing Will Alexander's "Compound Hibernation," November 14, 2013

For complete recording and program notes go to Jacket2.

Reading at the Flarf Poetry Festival, Kelly Writers House, February 8, 2007

Tough Love (3:17): MP3

Complete reading (1:24:35): MP3

Reading at University of Buffalo, October 16, 2002

  • Complete reading (47:11): MP3

Reading with Louis Cabri, Kelly Writers House, November 12, 2001

  1. Driving at (1:11): MP3
  2. Morning Constitutional (complete) (16:36): MP3
  3. Introduction: Morning Constitutional (3:41): MP3
  4. Morning Constitutional Section 4: Washington Square Park (2:19): MP3
  5. Morning Constitutional Section 5: 435 Chestnut Street: Benny's Place (1:24): MP3
  6. Morning Constitutional Section 6: Independence Hall (2:16): MP3
  7. Morning Constitutional Section 8: 847 North 3rd Street: Ortlieb's (1:51): MP3
  8. Morning Constitutional Section 9: 2nd and Market Streets, The Blue Line, The AM (2:02): MP3
  9. Morning Constitutional Section 10: Kensington and Huntingdon Streets, The North Philadelphia Needle Exchange (3:01): MP3
  10. The Redcoats Are Coming! (3:36): MP3
  11. Leave the Light On (3:27): MP3
  12. What is Experimental Poetry (2:46): MP3

Complete recording (1:09:58): MP3

Small Presses Dinner Panel, Kelly Writers House, March 26, 1999

With Chris McCreary, Jenn McCreary, Dave Deifer, Michael Magee, Heather Thomas, Alicia Askenase, Gil Ott, Louis Cabri, Kristen Gallagher, and Jena Osman

Complete recording (1:32:14): MP3

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