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Jake Marmer

PoemTalk #156, Discussing Steve Dalachinsky's "with shelter gone," feat. Bonny Finberg, Julien Poirier, and Jake Marmer

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes at Jacket2.

A Reading of Cosmic Diaspora by Jake Marmer at the Sussman Poetry Program, October 14, 2020

Watch the complete recording of the evening below

Part One: Reading

  1. Introduction (6:09): MP3
  2. Anima (1:25): MP3
  3. Turbine (3:36): MP3
  4. Testimony (5:00): MP3
  5. Circle Maker (2:49): MP3
  6. Warp Soliloquy (2:32): MP3
  7. Transcription no. 29 (1:12): MP3
  8. Transcription no. 23 (0:55): MP3
  9. Please Don't Panic at the Disco (2:28): MP3
  10. Content (1:58): MP3
  11. Borscht (2:23): MP3

Part Two: Conversation

  1. Discussing "Circle Maker" (7:55): MP3
  2. Discussing "Anima" (6:24): MP3
  3. Discussing "Warp Soliloquy" (7:24): MP3
  4. Discussing "Content" (6:01): MP3
  5. Discussing "Testimony" (2:25): MP3
  6. Tohu Bohu (6:58): MP3

PoemTalk Podcast #121, Discussing Jerome Rothenberg's "Galician Nights" and "Poland/1931", feat. Jake Marmer, Frank London, and Maria Damon

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

Reading for Great Books Summer Program at Stanford University, July 3, 2018

Complete Recording (57:03) MP3

Performing with Frank London at Kelly Writers House's Poetry and Music Festival, September 17, 2017

Watch on

Jake Marmer and Frank London (28:24): MP3

For full performance list, see the Poetry and Music Festival calendar entry at Kelly Writers House.

"Generations: Avant-Garde Jewish Poetry with David Meltzer & Jake Marmer" at the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, CA, April 3, 2016

  1. Joel Stanley Intro (0:48): MP3
  2. Reading (15:51): MP3
  3. Discussion with David Meltzer (19:18): MP3

"Jake Marmer & John Schott: Law of Returning Lost Objects (Responding to Roman Vishniac)" at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, CA, March 11, 2016

  1. Natalia's Intro (1:03): MP3
  2. Jake's Intro (1:53): MP3
  3. Nigun Methodology (2:09): MP3
  4. The Law of Returning Lost Objects (12:12): MP3
  5. Amphibian Nigun (1:39): MP3

Performing Frank Lima’s poem “Plena,” Palo Alto, CA, January 16, 2016

  • Plena (0:29): MP3

Interviewing David Antin & Jerome Rothenberg in San Diego, CA, December 23, 2015

  • Full recording (1:35:55): MP3

    "All Points East" reading at Liminal in Oakland, CA on May 10, 2015

    Watch on

    Performing Hermeneutic Stomp at the Kelly Writers House, January 20, 2015

    Watch on
    1. Painters' Nign: MP3, Video
    2. The Laws of Dreamcooking: MP3, Video
    3. LunchSong: MP3, Video
    4. Lines For Yom Kippur 5774: MP3, Video
    5. Change of Weather: MP3, Video
    6. Concept Score #36: MP3, Video
    7. Poetics of Emerging - A Panel: MP3, Video
    8. (Poem Than Needed a Title and Was Named at the Gig As) "Give Me My Mute Please": MP3, Video
    9. DogCat Riff: MP3, Video
    10. 3 AM Nign: MP3, Video
    11. Facts: MP3, Video

    Complete Performance (01:03:12): MP3

    Musicians: Frank London (Trumpet), Greg Wall (Saxophone), Eyal Maoz (Guitar) and Uri Sharlin (Keys/Accordion)

    from Hermeneutic Stomp (Blue Thread Music, 2013)

    Mishnah of Loneliness (3:46): MP3

    Concept Score #31 (2013)

    Concept Score #31 (2:09): MP3

    Remixed and accompanied on bass by Jean Claude Jones. Based on a shape-poem.

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