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Camille Martin

Reading for the Robson Reading Series, UBC Vancouver, March 14, 2013

with Andrew Kaufman and Barry Webster

    from Blueshift Road (in progress)

  1. Snipe Hunt (1:32): MP3

  2. from Looms (Shearsman, 2012)

  3. Re-inventing Stairs (1:32): MP3

  4. from Blueshift Road

  5. Sleeves Hold Up the Coat (0:49): MP3

  6. from Looms

  7. Right now (1:22): MP3
  8. At our uncouth birth (1:15): MP3
  9. Not all slopes are tragic (1:19): MP3
  10. To believe is to please (1:35): MP3
  11. My reflection (1:14): MP3
  12. The ship tilts (2:14): MP3

  13. from Blueshift Road

  14. The Sea Hags' Last Stand (1:14): MP3

MLA Offsite Reading, Four Seasons Washington DC, December 28, 2005

with Joel Bettridge, Louis Cabri, Joshua Clover, Michael Cross, Brent Cunningham, Richard Deming, Patrick Durgin, William Howe, Aaron Kunin, Nicole Markotic, Laura Moriarty, Aldon Nielsen, Bob Perelman, Joan Retallack, Jennifer Scappettone, and Susan Schultz

    from Codes of Public Sleep (Toronto: BookThug, 2007)

  1. Whither and whether the withering weather (1:56): MP3
  2. Like ice crystals (1:27): MP3
  3. A neutral mood (0:57): MP3

  4. from Waters (Unknown, 2005)

  5. "no point in the flood..." (0:54): MP3

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