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Drew Milne

Openned Series, Foundry, London, September 2007

Close Listening -- readings and conversations at WPS1
Clocktower Studio, New York, April 7, 2006

Drew Milne in conversation with Charles Bernstein (27:23): MP3

WPS1 Reading
Entire Program (27:43): MP3


  1. "The Trojan Light" from Mars Disarmed (9:50): MP3
  2. "Pianola" from Mars Disarmed (3:46): MP3
  3. from Go Figure (10:35): MP3
  4. from The Bruise that Heidegger Built (1:54): MP3

Close Listening produced by Charles Bernstein for WPS1
© 2006 Drew Milne and Charles Bernstein
Studio Engineer: Darrell McNeill

These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial
and educational use only. Used with permission of Drew Milne. Distributed by PennSound.