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Stephen Motika

Recording for Dia's Readings in Contemporary Poetry, May 12, 2015

Full recording available here.

Queer Masculinity, Belladonna* Reading Series, March 5, 2013

Curated by Krystal Languell at Dixon Place
Featuring Brian Pietras, Stephen Motika, Mark Wunderlich, Ronaldo Wilson, and Jack Halberstam

Stephen Motika's reading (14:52): MP3

  1. On Having Failed (4:21): MP3
  2. On Harry Partch (2:39): MP3
  3. On Chronological Los Angeles Storms (2:45): MP3
  4. From "Beautifully Psychic" (5:07): MP3
Q&A Response (with all panelists) (28:21): MP3

Complete program (1:42:57): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics Episode #256: California, 2012

Stephen Motika discusses and reads from his debut book of poetry, Western Practice (Alice James Books), focusing on the iconoclastic composer Harry Partch
  1. Introduction (1:07): MP3
  2. On psychogeography of the west (3:01): MP3
  3. On Harry Partch (4:42): MP3
  4. Delusions Enclosure, On Harry Partch 1901-1974 (13:51): MP3
  5. On poetry and biography (5:54): MP3
  6. On Partch's instruments (4:09): MP3
  7. On cover image (4:30): MP3

Complete recording (37:16): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics Episode #206: Nightboat, January 7, 2010

Stephen Motika discusses and reads from the book he has edited, Tiresias: The Collected Poems of Leland Hickman.
  1. On Leland Hickman's life (4:36): MP3
  2. On range (3:18): MP3
  3. On Tiresias (2:06): MP3
  4. On "Hey River September 1973" (1:25): MP3
  5. Hey River September 1973 (13:11): MP3
  6. On the body (3:04): MP3
  7. On aesthetics (3:33): MP3

Complte recording (31:13): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics Episode #178: Four Editors, December 7, 2008

Stephen Motika, publisher and editor of Nightboat Books, talks about his publishing vision and most recent books.

Complete program (1:02:28): MP3

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