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Bern Porter

This recordings are made avaliable by Xexoxial Editions. For more information on the specific recordings, please visit their website.

Aspects of Modern Poetry, recorded live on WBAI, NY in 1982 with Bob Holman

  • Part I (30:57): MP3
  • Part II (31:19): MP3

Found Sounds

  • with Dick Higgins & Charlie Morrow, December 2, 1978, (30:21): MP3
  • with Patricia Burgess, Charlie Morrow and Glen Velez, May 9, 1981 (30:02): MP3

Special thanks to New Wilderness Audiographics

The Eternal Poetry Festival, recorded with Mark Melnicove in 1979 in South Harpswell, Maine.

  • "For Our Friends in Germany"
  • Part I (31:20): MP3
  • Part II (31:03): MP3

Williamson Street Night with Malok, Elizabeth Was & mIEKAL aND. Recorded at the Avant Garde, Museum of Temporary Art, Madison, WI in December 1989.

  • Part I (32:59): MP3
  • Part II (31:51): MP3

Interview with Dick Higgins at the Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee, with mIEKAL aND. Recorded March 16, 1990.

  • Part I (47:15): MP3
  • Part II (26:46): MP3

These recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. © 2007 Estate of Bern Porter. Used with permission of the Estate of Bern Porter. Distributed by PennSound.