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Larry Price

Recording in the Wexler Studio at the Kelly Writers House, December 12, 2023

  • Complete recording (30:53): MP3
  • Black Bag Drag (2:02): MP3
  • Untitled (In the play within a play of human capital) (1:43): MP3
  • Song of the human abstract (0:57): MP3
  • The quantal dictionary (1:00): MP3
  • The zone of epistemic nomads (0:59): MP3
  • Having enough mind to solve the complex lack that comes from complicating lack each time we think (0:40): MP3
  • Another holiday in the gerrymandered rules for the working mind (1:03): MP3
  • When we do the sensible thing, we mistake things for sensible (): MP3
  • An episode of finite dimnesions while reading King Lear (1:13): MP3
  • Only momentum tells us what to write, lunging from the platform of each new word (1:10): MP3
  • Committees of autonomy arrayed as rocks wrapped in paper (1:20): MP3
  • Slipping one side of a wall out the other (1:16): MP3
  • The complex migration of truth (1:19): MP3
  • The monochromatic accession of mind over matter (1:03): MP3
  • What we lack in knowing we make up for in syntax (1:07): MP3
  • On this wall, there are no flies (1:01): MP3
  • What is becomes what was in the event that what follows becomes what is (1:20): MP3
  • Untitled (We hear it everywnere, the password for redemption) (0:47): MP3
  • Untitled (Here is my second-best word in a puzzle for solving backwards) (0:49): MP3
  • Untitled (Blind and bereft of memory, we poets like scandals) (0:57): MP3
  • Untitled (Behold the Exegete, Cousin Minnie Pearl) (1:10): MP3
  • Untitled (It's important to say the simplest things first) (1:00): MP3
  • Untitled (There was, here, an intermittent beast) (0:44): MP3
  • Dark agent of the physical, my narrow plank on the sea (0:36): MP3
  • Figural gossip in the electrons between brain walls (1:01): MP3
  • 2 or 3 words on the following (which has yet to be written) (0:56): MP3
  • Basking in rote survival (0:56): MP3
  • Epilogue (1:03): MP3

Reading for The Segue Series at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York, February 9, 2008

  • Complete Reading (35:05): MP3

Reading at Ear Inn, January 22, 1993

  • Complete Reading (26:17): MP3

Segue Series reading at The Ear Inn, April 6, 1991

  • Complete recording (7:15): MP3

Reading at Ear Inn, December 17, 1983

  • Complete Reading (46:45): MP3

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