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Carlos Soto Román

Conversation with Frank Sherlock and Philadelphia Youth Poet Laureate Soledad Alfaro-Allah, Wexler Studio, April 1, 2015

Complete Recording (43:09): MP3

Reading for Belladonna* Reading Series: Philly Fabulosas, Unnameable Books

Complete recording (17:17): MP3

Reading at the Segue Series at Zinc Bar, with Michael Basinski, September 29, 2012

  • Carlos Soto Román's Segment (28:59): MP3
  1. Introduction (4:09): MP3
  2. Luz, Camara, Acción (11:44): MP3
  3. Dice (12:04): MP3

Reading at the Chapter & Verse Series, with Travis Macdonald and Tyrone Williams, April 28th, 2012

  • Complete recording (18:15): MP3
  1. The Will's the Weapon (3:18): MP3
  2. Poem by Claudio Bertoni (2:59): MP3
  3. Dice (3:29): MP3
  4. L is for Lingua (4:01): MP3
  5. Chilean Winter (4:28): MP3

Appearing in MLA Off-Site Reading at the Rotunda, Philadelphia, organized by Julia Bloch and Michelle Taransky, December 29th, 2009

  • Complete recording (2:32): MP3

Reading at the Emergency Reading Series, with Justin Audia, November 6, 2008

  • Complete recording (24:18): MP3

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