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Mark Weiss

The Whole Island reading and discussion, Writers Without Borders, KWH, September 30, 2010

  1. introduction (2:09): MP3
  2. opening remarks by Mark Weiss (2:09): MP3
  3. discussion of The Whole Island (3:46): MP3
  4. Homeland - José Martí (1:59): MP3
  5. Martían Text - Lorenzo García Vega (1:27): MP3
  6. "I Will Never Leave Them" and "On my neighbor's door..." by Vergilio Piñera (4:12): MP3
  7. "Cuban Poets Don't Dream Anymore" and "Poetics" by Heberto Padilla (3:48): MP3
  8. Fable - Gastón Baquero (3:33): MP3
  9. The Girl in the Forest - Eliseo Diego (2:23): MP3
  10. "Little Elegy", "Use of the Plural" and "This Grammar Book" by Fina García Marruz (4:10): MP3
  11. "Woman Emerging from the Closet", "Loss of the Love Poem Called 'Mist'" and "In the Vortex of the Cyclone" by Luis Rogelio Nogueras (5:06): MP3
  12. from Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Raúl Hernández Novás (5:13): MP3
  13. Maleva and the Children in Paradise - Soleida Ríos (2:38): MP3
  14. Herbalist - Alessandra Molina (2:03): MP3
  15. discussion (16:52): MP3
Complete reading (1:01:35): MP3

Chax Press NYC Book Launch, Bowery Poetry Club, January 14, 2007

Complete reading (3:06): MP3

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