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Gregory Whitehead

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club,October 19, 2002

  1. Brian Kim Stefans' Introduction (2:52): MP3
  2. Gregory Whitehead's Introductory Comments (2:30): MP3
  3. Proposition 2 (1:07): MP3
  4. Intro: Radio Cartoons (2:18): MP3
  5. Evil Axis (1:59): MP3
  6. Intro: Martha (1:58): MP3
  7. The Meaning of MARTHA (2:34): MP3
  8. Intro: Linguistic Hermaphrodites & Rats Live On No Evil Star (2:24): MP3
  9. Eva Can I Stab Bats in a Cave? (0:45): MP3
  10. Intro: The Squid Piece (1:38): MP3
  11. All About Squid (1:20): MP3
  12. Intro: Amsterdam Intervention (2:23): MP3
  13. Bugs Bardo Radio! (2:55): MP3
  14. Into: The Dream of Freezing Sound (1:44): MP3
  15. Ice Music (2:48): MP3
  16. Intro: Fake Science Things (2:12): MP3
  17. Brain Mash (3:58): MP3
  18. Intro: Glossolalia Anagrams (1:42): MP3
  19. Everything I Know About Glossolalia (2:45): MP3

Complete reading (42:04): MP3

Recordings: 1984-2004

via UbuWeb Sound

  1. If a Voice Like, Then What? (2:48): MP3
    1984, voice cut-up, Tellus cassette, why talk is a struggle

  2. What Words Want (4:19): MP3
    1984, voice cut-up, various compilations, lumen de lumenes

  3. Zigurrat (4:38) MP3
    1984, dance soundtrack and compilation release, chant degeneration

  4. Eva Can I Stab Bats in a Cave? (1:17) MP3
    1984, dance soundtrack and Tellus cassette, palindrome drone

  5. Dead Letters (55:20) MP3
    1985, documentary essay, NPR

  6. Display Wounds (1:31) MP3
    1985, microcast, diverse stations

  7. Radio Degree Zero (26:30) MP3
    1986, radio play, New American Radio, vulnerological investigations

  8. Adioradio (1:42) MP3
    1986, microcast, diverse stations

  9. The Pleasure Of Ruins (14:33) MP3
    1986, CD release, staalplaat, it's the pleasure, and it's alive

  10. Totenklage/Lacrymosa (3:35) MP3
    1987, phonetic cross-cut, on Pleasure of Ruins CD, the invisible generation, dead, torched

  11. Twilight for Idols (4:37) MP3
    1987, microcast, Pleasure of Ruins CD, radio utopia is no place

  12. The Problem With Bodies (1:20) MP3
    1987, vocal apparatus exercise, polycast

  13. Oral or Anal? (1:06) MP3
    1988, lettrist rotation from the cassette Writing on Air

  14. Rats Live On No Evil Star (0:54) MP3
    1989, palindromic inversion from the cassette Writing on Air

  15. The Respirator (5:51) MP3
    1990, microcast, New American Radio, our policy is to keep the patient breathing

  16. Principia Schizophonica (6:31) MP3
    1990, lecture demonstration, 7" release, RRR

  17. How To Pronounce "Prosthesis" (4:50) MP3
    1991, language lesson, for Tellus CD Site-less Sounds

  18. This Is Not a Test (2:10) MP3
    1991, emergency broadcast, for Tellus CD

  19. Lovely Ways to Burn (27:00) MP3
    1991, docufiction, New American Radio, a pyromentary for those who got the fever

  20. Pressures of the Unspeakable (40:00) MP3
    1992, documentary performance, ABC, from the Institute for Screamscape Studies produced with Roz Cheney and John Jacobs

  21. We All Scream Alone (4:54) MP3
    1992, excerpt from Pressures of the Unspeakable

  22. Shake, Rattle, Roll (22:40) MP3
    1993, radio play manifesto, New American Radio

  23. Here Comes Everybody (2:23) MP3
    1993, excerpt from Shake, Rattle, Roll, radio litany, with Dan Lander and an anonymous chorus

  24. The Thing About Bugs (28:30) MP3
    1994, radio performance/play, New American Radio, later CD release on Generator Sound Art -- Christof Migone and GW in philosophical improvisation

  25. The Exterminating Angel (3:57) MP3
    1994, excerpt from The Thing About Bugs

  26. The Night Train (15:00) MP3
    1995, telephonic journey for Rappel CD compilation, you can't get there from here

  27. Degenerates in Dreamland (27:42) MP3
    1995, cabaret for the disembodied, New American Radio, knees, noses and a phallus impudicus

  28. L'Indomptable (2:24) MP3
    1996, radio essay, France Culture, excerpt, by GW and Allen S. Weiss, (duration of complete program, 45:00)

  29. Nothing But Fog (40:00) MP3
    1996, musical navigation for radio, Sound Culture SF, Gregory Whitehead and Richard Busch, with Ilse Pfeiffer

  30. Scratch Peace (3:47) MP3
    1997, Villa Arson jukebox, found voices

  31. On a Very Dirty Street (5:11) MP3
    1997, Villa Arson jukebox, found voices

  32. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered (40:00) MP3
    1997, documentary meditation, ABC, with Michelle Griffiths, Leandro Katz, Chantal Thomas

  33. Ice Music (2:27) MP3
    1997, LIAR report, NPR

  34. Brain Mash (3:38) MP3
    1998, LIAR report, NPR

  35. The Bone Trade (14:00) MP3
    1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4, celebrity necrobilia with Walter Sculley

  36. The Hidden Language of Trees (14:00) MP3
    1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4, they are trying to tell us something

  37. The Bottom of the Mind (14:00) MP3
    1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4, walking the circle via the existential phonograph

  38. Mind, Body and Soul (14:00) MP3
    1998, imaginary conversation, BBC4, artist eats three big books

  39. Mr. Whitehead, Are You There? (5:26) MP3
    1999, group love letter for mother radio

  40. The Marilyn Room (3:07) MP3
    2000, radio play, BBC4, voices on excerpt: Henry Strozier, Leslie Nixon, (excerpt: duration of complete play is 56:00)

  41. All About Squid (2:10) MP3
    2000, for Writing Aloud CD

  42. Marinade á la Tête (4:00) MP3
    2000, cooking show, BBC4

  43. Eau de Moi (4:00) MP3
    2000, entrepreneurial performance, BBC4

  44. Delivery System No. 1 (9:30) MP3
    2001, voice/face play for radio, Genrator Sound Art release

  45. American Heavy (5:28) MP3
    2001, radio play, BBC4, voices on excerpt: Jonathan Epstein, Corinna May, Allyn Burrows and Elizabeth Ingram, (excerpt: duration of complete play is 56:00)

  46. Evil Axis (1:44) MP3
    2002, wordplay cartoon, BBC3

  47. On One Lost Hair (4:25) MP3
    2003, documentary performance, BBC4, the last voyage of Horatio Nelson, (excerpt: duration of complete program is 14:00)

  48. Resurrection Ranch (3:17) MP3
    2003, docufictive travelogue, BBC4, with Virginia Crompton, GW, and Karen Lee as Cat Slade, (excerpt: duration of complete program is 27:30)

  49. The Loneliest Road (11:08) MP3
    2003, radio road movie, BBC 3, music by Nick Zammuto and Paul Dejong. voices on excerpt: Karen Lee, Jon Swan, GW and Anne Undeland. (excerpt: duration of complete play is 88:30).

  50. Little Tina (2:01) MP3
    2004, excerpt from WFMU live-to-air screamscape, with Kenny G.

  51. The Knee (2:21) MP3
    2004, song setting for a poem by Christian Morgenstern, 2:21, performed on the whistled snymbal

  52. As We Know (2:09) MP3
    2004, outcast epistemology, after Donald Rumsfeld, no we just don't know

  53. Danse Macabre (11:34) MP3
    2004, soundtrack for marionette theater, voice by Michel Nedjar

  54. Project Jericho (3:53) MP3
    2004, docufictional report, BBC3, produced with Mark Burman, (excerpt: duration of complete program is 19:30)

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