285 Collage

December 1995


My feeling is that we don't have nearly the perspective on ourselves that we think we do
I agree, from inside my box
Not that any of this matters much
I disagree with Alex's comment that...
I agree
I disagree with
I disagree intensely
I utterly agree with...
Yes, at times we seem to agree as a whole on certain issues. And perhaps we shouldn't.
If you have questions about getting into PennMOO, send a message to
Rob's quest for perfection
If everyone gets this then good:
Randi wrote, "Anyway, I am rambling (notice the time!) and I think I might want to get some sleep now.
I wish I was in the bliss Dave seems to think I am...
I've seen that cringy movie, and I agree that it's cringy (whatever that means).
The problem with Bosnia is which past...
I'm thoroughly confused
Regarding our class discussion on Thursday.
I'm losing control of the argument
We have control over most things, but the era in which we live, we do not
what was wrong with me?
Valium.....taste it again for the first time
Things are DIFFERENT
i say: float on, .as long as you don't sink others along the way,
i completely agree with you, tali. i mean, after seeing the ludicracy...
Molly's acute point (about the discussion) leads me to suggest
or, as Alex said using "divine hindsight as a floodlight"...
The chart Al drew up on the board bothered me a lot
I found Al's categories really enlightening
we shouldn't forget that we're making history right now
Here. Where? Bennett Hall 224
It's really on my mind for a while now.
A landscape of positions
Always remember that a place in between the lines IS A POSITION.
i agree with Tali and Randi, as impossible as that might seem.
a happy ending in the Demi Moore version....
Rachel, you're misinterpreting my position.
I don't agree
must take responsibility for one's sides.
And Julia Roberts as the lovely Abigail...
Advertisements depicting "nonconformists" throwing off their mind-forged manacles by bravely slipping into a pair of ubiquitous blue jeans.
Just about anything can be co-opted
Rob's shove down Hollywood Lane:
well, OR get the video from me and watch sometime before or after (tho brandon has dibs on it after) sorry if I nabbed it out from under you.
I hereby submit the word "rash" for use in our general discourse.


Would rob have been free to leave the classroom had Al not told him that
And everyone is reconciled.
ACK!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?
Free speech!
This is Joan's response to Dave's response to Joan's response to Dave's earlier endorsement of Michelle's posting.
the more the better
to be absolutely frank: you're wiggin' me out, Dave.
i realized that joan seems to be *afraid* of the inevitability of what is already upon us.
I am fearful that...
thoughts on *new* modes of walking the walk we so eloquently and articulately talk in class?
I left class very frustrated today.
I, too, have difficulty articulating my opinions in class. But I do not blame this on the University.
Nonetheless, I do think the "wuss" question--typical Lipman-ese--is dead-on appropriate.
I keep reading about people who think that I-man is a wimp or a wuss. No way.
The two Daves
one more thing... markowitz--i think it is hillarious that you draw attention to Al's AGE. when speaking as you do about "the way it is" and how "depressing it is that the world sucks" you remind me of my grandfather.
Your grandfather must be a wise man.
sparked my interest as well as recharged my frustration and confusion
just wanted to stress my *fear* in being overly opinionated and creating confusion not in the classroom but in my own head.
ok, so one can never leave the sides by leaving the "classroom"
Are you advocating against self-consciousness?
and on that note: Mason, where are you?
All reduction is temporary. Every line drawn is erasable.
Every limit is movable.
my TAli side says: fuck that. I AM NOT A PRODUCT OF MY GENERATION. i forcefully, if not eloquently (not eloquently) say: i am not bell bottoms nor microwave popcorn.
so sue me, i sympathise with larwrence
a big fuck you to you all. LOud enough?
fuck you to you all.
hate to burst your bubble but the "fuck you" didn't accomplish anything.
ring bells on a whim, I will crucify you.
Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You Fuck You
wasting my mailbox space
.Lawrence didn't say fuck you 5 times in a row, he was more constructive
let's start standing behind our positions when we go OUTSIDE bennet hall.
I'm afraid
Don't slit your own ideologial throat
Get real
I didn't sympathize with Tifty and I don't sympathize with you.
what color is the sky in your ideological little world?
I don't think Mrs. Schlide's grandson's happiness has much to do with rent. There are ways to pay the rent and there are ways to pay the rent.
i'm rambling and i have to prepare myself for the viscious rebuttals... so ba-bye.
Festivities will begin with early wine and chesse at 8; high-flying schmoozing and easy-going sex with gorgeous underaged youths to follow
"fasten your seatbelts--it's going to be a bumpy (class)"
So we have the NY Times tomorrow, and now I learn that on Thursday our class is to be visited by a member of the School of Arts & Sciences Board of Overseers
...so, what? Behave ourselves, or don't?


I do not care what sex anyone is who does anything. I don't care if the president is a woman if the quarterback on the SuperBowl championship team is a woman or
Uh, I think this class could argue fiercely about a Disney movie
No Dave, this remark does not make you a feminist. It makes you OBLIVIOUS.
in a class based on fights, removing fighters is counterproductive. If that's praise: well, yeah. Al humors me. The moment he tells me to shut up, I do.
Yes, we have different genitalia
Eve's cool.
Al indoctrinates us that we are being indoctrinated
I think what galls me most is "lets just take the shit we are given and be thankful we aren't dead" theme that crops up now and again.
Boo peronal attacks, i say.
She was apsycho bitch.
I'm angry with myself
Al: you do not have the right to accuse Rob of being irresponsible for liking things that he is not 100% on ideological par with.
Where do they get this shit?
Can't we just have a summer's day?
"There comes a point when you will exhale." Exhale, Al. Breathe again.
tomorrow night for "Rebel Without a Web Page"
I seek therapy for my need to group reply....
to endure existing outside of the mainstream long enough to attract those who are selfconscious enough
i could go on, but i have to think about it some more.
NOT paralyisis anlaysis or hedge-hogging the fence
Now what? Do a Jake? *Know* the train to Suckerville* is pulling out of the station and still get on for the ride?
I missed the MOO


thrust into the light alternative value systems
there would at least be another option
We don't count.
What's tenure got to do with it?
There comes a time when the machine is so odious that you have to lay your body on the gears...
Signing off...
reaching for a tissue... peace, joan
worth the fear of annihilation? worth the fear of speaking one's mind? worth McCarthyism? worth the abridgement of Constitutional rights? and worth the lives of those who died in Korea and Vietnam?
think about it, jessica
can anyone relate? michelle
I love all of you too, Dave
Feeling the love, Brandon
I agree... only we have to clarify.
I want to work hard at this
Making Sense of the Sixties
If we shout loud enough, someone will answer. Someone will heed our urgency. And we too can lead the persecuted from slavery into freedom. ABSOLUTELY. --Kara
I agree with Kara, but I want...
I don't want...
The opposite of hate is not love, nor fear, but indifference.
Good night
We've got so much work to do.
good night all. and please have some sleep and sweet dreams for me, too. I'm afraid I'm not going to get very much sleep.


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