Paul Robeson centennial in 1998

24 Nov 1997 08:31:13 -0500 (EST)
Sender: Roby Newman
Subject: Paul Robeson centennial in 1998

There are a group of Bay Area Associates of VALB who will be putting together, as part of our annual dinner/event next year, a theatrical presentation to honor Paul Robeson on the centennial of his birth. As we gather material, there are several questions that have come up relative to his songs that subscribers to ALBA's discussion list may be able to help with. To wit:

(1) songs sung by Robeson at the National Joint Committee for Spanish Relief benefit at Albert Hall, London, June 24, 1937;

(2) known songs sung by Robeson when he visited the Loyalists on the front (late 1937-January 1938);

(3) sungs performed by Robeson at the second Peekskill concert, September 4, 1949, as well as names of Lincoln Vets who acted as security at the front of the stage; and

(4) specific articles, pro or con, on Robeson's support of the Loyalist cause.

I look forward to any help that subscribers can give to our efforts.

Roby Newman, ALBA Executive Secretary
Bay Area Paul Robeson Script Committee


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