Anticommunism and New Deal Federal Art

Selected bibliography:

James T. Patterson, Congressional Conservatism and the New Deal (Lexington, 1967), well illustrates the nature and strength of the coalition which all but eliminated the WPA art project in 1939. Walter Goodman, The Committee: The Extraordinary Career of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (New York, 1968) is more useful on the early Dies committee than August Raymond Ogden, The Dies Committee (Washington, 1945) and Frank J. Donner's The Un-Americans (New York, 1961). There are a number of other books about anticommunism that generally cover HUAC's first attack on communism in cultural activities--that is, the 1939 attack on the WPA art and writing projects. The latter story is nicely told toward the end of Jerre Mangione's wonderful book, The Dream and the Deal (available in paperback from the University of Pennsylvania Press).

  • More about the problems and politics of New Deal art.


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