Mike Magee's Final Word

English 88, Spring 1995

A wise man once said, "Education is about surprise." That wise man was me, just now. Once said, Education that wise man just about surprise was me. Education, that was wise now me just surprise. Man man surprise was about just now said once. Just once about is now was me man Education man surprise that. About that Education, man man surprise me once is wise was. Wise wise was once said about a Education is man man surprise me. A is about. A is wise wise was. A is just said surprise. A is me man man wise was wise. A is just about wise surprise wise was . That about said just is. Just is once me that now Education man. Once man wise man. Said man surprise man. Just man wise man. Is man me man. Said man now man. Once man A man. Surprise man Education man. A man just is. Amen justice. Education, he do caution, head oh caution head occassion, heed a case on Education. Now just surprise me. Once about now. That once. Just once. A once. Man once. Wise once. Is once. Was once. Me once. Education once. Said once: surprise.