Miriam Allen DeFord on modernism's "cult of incomprehensibility"

The poet Miriam Allen DeFord wrote a letter to The Humanist* to praise an article that had previously appeared in that magazine by Read Bain: "Poetry and the Cult of Incomprehensibility." Here is DeFord's letter:

A propos of Read Bain's "Poetry and the Cult of Incomprehensibility"--of which I approve highly--I am reminded of a definition of my own, made some time ago, of what Max Eastman has called "poets talking to themselves." I have called this ultra avant-garde poetry "Martha-colored poetry." Edith Sitwell once wrote a poem in which she called something "Martha-colored." She explained that when she was a child she had a nurse who wore a dress of that color--whatever it was. I think the ascription is obvious.
* "Today's Poetry: A Symposium--III," Humanist 15, 5 (1955), pp. 227-228.