Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "[Sometime During Eternity]" (1958)

	Sometime during eternity
				some guy shows up
and one of them
	who shows up real late
			  is a kind of carpenter
    from some square-type place
			like Galilee

and he starts wailing
		and claiming he is hip
   to who made heaven
			and earth
				and that the cast
	  who really laid it on us
				is his Dad

And moreover
   he adds
	It's all write down
			on some scroll-type parchments
 which some henchmen
		leave lying around the Dead Sea somewheres
	a long time ago
			and which you won't even find
for a coupla thousand years or so
			  or at least for
  nineteen hundred and fortyseven
				of them
		to be exact
			and even then
  nobody really believes them 
			 or me
			     for that matter

	You're hot
		they tell him

	And they cool him

	They stretch him on the Tree to cool

		And everybody after that
				is always making models
			of this Tree
			      with Him hung up
and always crooning His name
			   and calling Him to come down
		and sit in
			on their combo
	as if he is the king cat
				who's got to blow
   or they can't quite make it

   Only he don't come down
				from His Tree

Him just hang there
		on His Tree
			looking real Petered out
		and real cool
			and also
	according to a roundup
			of late world news
fro the usual unrealiable sources
				real dead